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    Seattle Avionics

    Is anyone else having problems downloading the latest Seattle Avionics Diagrams from 5/18/2022?
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    GPS-VLOC Auto switch

    just finished my instrument and yes, once it locks onto the glide slope it will switch to VLOC and it will turn green on the HSI
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    Wagging VOR Needle

    I have been training for my IFR and have the IFD 440 also. When doing VOR approaches, my needle jumps a bit also, but at an airport with a VOT it was rock steady, maybe check your antenna. I had a problem and it turned out the balun (spelling) was broken on one side, touching but not connected...
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    1978 Grumman Tiger Panel

    Yes, I had tried to download both north and south america hi res terrain and had loaded south america first. The system only allows one area at a time. I had to delete the south america and and then add north america on the on plane database. I kept the south america on the usb drive if I...
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    Suggestion Box

    I third this!!
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    1978 Grumman Tiger Panel

    Not any particular gotchas that I remember. As you can see the windscreen was removed.. We had a small strip of an old windshield that was put in to protect the metal from getting bent over, I highly reccomend using something to protect it. Since I took all of the old stuff out it was pretty...
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    Letter to Dynon, we need a zoom meeting about Auto Pilot.

    To Whom It may concern; I reread Mr. Dana's comments from his first post. I copied and pasted the comments from the G companies website about its autopilot for GA aircraft. This autopilot was announced in 2017. They have many aircraft certified for installation(including almost every type...
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    Letter to Dynon, we need a zoom meeting about Auto Pilot.

    Grumman Tiger, panel is all set up with cut-out for AP..... Test Plane, you bet, pay as much as my other options, you bet. As you can tell DYNON your customers want your autopilot to integrate with the systems they have installed.
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    1978 Grumman Tiger Panel

    Here is the system all finished. Only issue I am having is I am unable to load hi-res terrain, or I am just getting an error.
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    Skyview HDX Doesnt Recognize latest U.S. aviation and obstacle database file (May21-June17)

    when will that be ready for certified dynon? I am issues with the sandisk ultra
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    1978 Grumman Tiger Panel

    Here are some photos (beyond the cardboard wish list), I did pick it up and so far only 2 minor problems, one was the leads were reversed on one cylinder temp probe (fixed immediately) and the 2nd has to do with the Surefly mag needed less resistance feeding the Dynon so that when testing the...
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    IFR GPS Options and Redundancy

    I went with the Avidyne IFD440 in my panel. I chose the 440 over the 540 for space reasons. I now have full IFR capability and with the new split screen function I have the IFD100 and Foreflight split on my iPad. My plane is a grumman tiger so I probably have less panel space than your 182
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    E-35 Bonanza. New dynon panel

    I purchased the IFD440 and to circumvent the smaller screen size I installed a iPad Air (9.7") horizontally that displays a split screen with the IFD100 and Foreflight. It is so much easier to use than the 430
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    IFD 440 vs 540 with Skyview

    Getting closer, should be done by new years. I prewired and put in the shelf for a 7" Display for the future, but am going to have a iPad mounted there for now. If I decide I need the second screen it will be just a drop in. Also cut out for future Dynon autopilot and will be blanked...
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    C177 Dual 10”/7”

    The shop doing my Tiger did a Cessna just before mine