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    Ray Allen Pitch Trim Wiring

    I know this isn't much help, but the desired configuration does work. I have my both pitch and roll trim wired to the SV-AP-PANEL and are auto-trimmed with the AP activated. I also have a hat-switch on my control stick that allows me to manually move the trim tabs, too. It's critical to be able...

    Seattle Avionics download

    I was able to download just fine. Is your download corrupt or freezing?

    Avidyne IFD440 - skyview and GPS

    Good evening Julien, I use an IFD550 as my primary GPS source. I do have a GPS-2020 as a backup, too. Nonetheless, your configuration should work fine.

    Updating DUAL HDX screens???

    Sent you an email, @jkturner55 .

    Updating DUAL HDX screens???

    I have hundreds of new CAT 5 and CAT 6 cables. Gladly donate to anyone in need. Just pay the postage.

    EMS data log

    Sign up for a free account at Download your EMS data onto a USB drive as @owenssonex suggests. Then upload it to your Savvy account. You'll be able to analyse any of the following data over time, change, etc. You can also have a specialist look at your data...

    Need general information on the AP

    I have an all composite plane, too. I have dual ADAHRS installed in the tail. In my case, I did not install an additional magnetometer. However, note that they are ultra sensitive and your calibrations need to be in the 90s for reliability. As an example, I initially made the mistake of...

    Panel mounting the USB port included in the standard wire harness

    Here's an option. I have a USB port for each display. This isn't recessed but looks nice. They are friction fitted.

    Dynon Skyview with Avidyne IFD440 - ADS-B setup

    Glad it worked for you! I initially configured everything per Avidyne's and Dynon's documentation, too. Drove me nuts that I couldn't figure this out. I researched avionics protocols and found that the ADSB+ was fairly common in the industry -- forcing me to update my docs. I guess this makes...
  10. XPRSAV8R

    Dynon Skyview with Avidyne IFD440 - ADS-B setup

    Page 11-20 of SkyView System Installation Guide - Revision AD. GARMIN ADS-B/ADS-B+: Garmin GNS 400W/500W series (WAAS) or Garmin GTN series, both with appropriate Software updates as designated by Garmin, connected directly to SV-XPNDR-261/262 pin 3, transmitting at 9600 baud in “ADS-B+ OUT” or...
  11. XPRSAV8R

    HDX Screen to display mph, kts, or kph.

    Page 3-10 of SkyView System Installation Guide - Revision AD. Displayed units can be configured for altitude, distance and speed, temperature, barometer, pressure, and volume. Displayed units are configured on the Measurement Units Page (SETUP MENU > SYSTEM SETUP > MEASUREMENT UNITS).
  12. XPRSAV8R

    Dynon Skyview Airspeed Stream from WiFi

    I've wanted to display similar information on a glareshield-mounted HUD. I've searched for JSONs and docs, but haven't had any luck. I know this information and more is streamed to EFBs. Hoping Dynon can assist. Worse case, I'm sure this information can be "sniffed" (unencrypted) to determine...
  13. XPRSAV8R

    Automatic Taxi diagram

    Tested this multiple times over the weekend. Works well: pressing the map knob for 2 seconds!
  14. XPRSAV8R

    Traffic messages while parked

    Is it possible that pressure altitude fluctuated (or something in your system) enough triggering the transition from Ground to Flight mode?
  15. XPRSAV8R

    SV32 servos in Glasair Super IIRG

    Hi Steve, Have you confirmed that the sheer pin wasn't snapped? By the way, you can reference the servo application guide here: You've got the suggested servo size, but it may or may not fit your application. I think Dynon...
  16. XPRSAV8R

    Using a Garmin 430 as a source for autopilot

    SkyView is neither equipped nor offers a NAV radio. So, any course deviation indications on the HSI was due to SkyView being selected as the source and you had entered a flight plan. SkyView will only offer GPS lateral guidance (obviously not an ILS). Here are some quick steps to perform. 1...
  17. XPRSAV8R

    Traffic messages while parked

    I also see traffic nearby and sometimes overhead while hangared with the doors open, 472 on and transponder in "auto", but I've never heard an alert. Also, I've taxied near the runway and held short of the runway, and I've never heard an alert (albeit it'd be a useful warning of aircrafts on...
  18. XPRSAV8R

    single seat planning

    Caveat: Dynon should confirm for you. Having said that, this page ( mentions the same radio with either 25 kHz channel spacing or 8.33 kHz channel spacing options . If they’re identical other than spacing capabilities, then you can...
  19. XPRSAV8R

    Automatic Taxi diagram

    Unfortunately not that I know of. It does on an iPad with ForeFlight or FlyQ. I did hear that you could pull up the taxi diagram by holding down the control know for a few seconds (assuming that MAP is already selected in the lower-left hand corner). But, I can only suggest pulling up the taxi...
  20. XPRSAV8R

    Automatic Taxi diagram

    Yes, they are. Press INFO, enter airport ICAO code if needed. Select the PLT tab and scroll down. Tap the taxi diagram and it goes full screen or split based on your configuration. You’ll see your position geo-referenced. Fantastic for taxiing around new and infrequent airports.