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  1. Brent Dana

    Heading bars on the PDF

    Just wanted to let you know, in the setup menu mine is at +2 to make them level. I know everybodys might be different, but it is not the negative 3, i started out With.
  2. Brent Dana

    Letter to Dynon, we need a zoom meeting about Auto Pilot.

    To whom it may concern: Illl pay twice the price of the AP for my E-35 BONANZA, I will develop the brackets, and ill jump thru faa hoops. I want to be the test plane.. There is soo much interest of the dynon product here in Las vegas, as my installer is using my plane to show other owners what...
  3. Brent Dana

    E-225 rpm setting, in an E-35 bonanza

    Just an fyi- setting in ems setup for tach was 1.5 for mine with Bendix mags and pressure carb.
  4. Brent Dana

    Flightplan from foreflight to skyview, to garmin 430

    I know that I can Bluetooth from ForeFlight to Skyview. Will Skyview then talk to the to the Garmin 430, and upload the flight-plan thru the airinc? Or do i need the garmin part that allows me to Bluetooth the flightplan from foreflight as well? (i HATE GARMIN)
  5. Brent Dana

    E-35 Bonanza. New dynon panel

    Going in the shop, friday. From this, to this. Will take pictures along the way, and share the journey. No Im not excited!!!!!
  6. Brent Dana

    Dynon hdx to a HUD.

    I am trying to put A hud on my dash. Would like it to project the info from my dynon display? Anybody know which pin or wire would allow me to do this? Does it need to originate out of the adahrs, or the hdx, or the D10a? There has to be a simple way, as i know there are video capabilities...