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    Correct pin out for NMEA from iFly740 to D100 Master.

    D100 on pilot's side with D180 wired together per instructions with DSAB. D100 is master. The install instructions seem to be written assuming the D180 is the master!? SL30 and iFly740 installed. Not displaying data on HSI. What do you recommend? Make 180 the master?
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    Do I need an A/P disconnect button with a AP74?

    I changed stick grips to one without a autopilot disconnect button and now the autopilot will not operate and there is a network config error. With a AP74 installed do I need the button and what do I do with the wires that went to the old button?  Thanks, Scott
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    Altimeter setting berserk.

    D100 master with D180, AP74, on power down then power up the altimeter setting resets to highest possible setting (>33 in.). Should it not maintain the last setting prior to power down? How do I correct?
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    Retrofit servo to capstan

    Servo install with arm not workable. Need to retrofit capstan for arm. Is this possible? Are the parts available? Thanks, Scott Williamson
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    D100/D180 on/off switch

    Does the power switch on the Dynon units require internal logic to operate or are they hard wired switches? If there is an serious internal problem with the unit (fire, short, fumes) can the unit be un-powered with the switch with the assumption that the unit logic has failed? Thank You Scott
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    D180 power wiring

    Planning on powering D180 from hot battery bus through a limiting switch( Prior to engine start D180 will be selected on. The unit does not have battery back up; D100 has batt b/u. Will the internal clock be powered? and will this configuration/procedure work...
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    D180 shunt wiring

    Building a Bearhawk; Dynon D180 uses 22awg from shunt to loadmeter and requires fusible links or fuses. Fusible link requires 26awg to be 4 step sizes from 22awg. Having difficulty finding 26awg tefzel after checking BandC, Stein, Spruce. Will 24awg packaged in BandC part FLK-1 provide proper...
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    Bearhawk Installation

    Ladies and Gentlemen: Is it permissible to wire the two servos power wiring together to the same fuse/CB if protected by the correct size circuit interrupter? If interested, I can post photo's of the pitch and roll servo installation. Thank You.
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    Indexing servo control arm

    Can the servo control arm be indexed in any 90 degree position in line with the control movement plane to allow multiple options positioning the motor body in relation to the fuselage during installation? or is there only one index position on the servo control arm and the servo body must be...