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    Top Bar Touch Not Working

    I don't know if I've somehow turned off the top bar touch function but I can't activate any of the items up there, such as transponder or the com. I used to be able to touch the transponder area and it would bring up the transponder screen as the pilot guide says it will. Now nothing happens. Is...
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    Uncommanded Auto Trim Pitch Down

    I've had this intermittent issue where straight and level and with the autopilot engaged, the autotrim will start trimming down with no input from me. This doesn't happen very often but for some reason, it decides to descend. I have to turn off the autopilot and FD to reset it and then it will...
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    AP Panel Issue

    I have the AP panel installed and it appears that it has quit providing power to the elevator servo. I have verified on the bench that the servo is good and that the connection from the DB connector to the servo is good. The autopilot cannot control the servo in flight and my trim switch on my...
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    Manifold Pressure

    My manifold pressure readings periodically jump around in flight from reasonable levels to clearly unreasonable levels (like 58"). I can fly multiple flights and not have this happen and then, like yesterday, they are all over the place from 25" or so (what is probably right given my power...
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    Erroneous Thermocouple Readings

    I am in the process of reinstalling my engine after a teardown and all but one of my thermocouples (#3 EGT) are indicating obviously bad temps (as high as 200F+ and as low as 43F), while the plane is just sitting in the hangar. The odds of seven out of eight thermocouples being bad all of a...
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    Default VS Not Working with Button Panel

    I just installed the A/P button panel and notice that when I press VS to ascend or descend, I have to repeatedly press the UP or DOWN button repeatedly to get to my desired ascent or descent rate. I have this defaulted in the Skyview settings for 600 FPM. When I had my Classic panel and pressed...
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    Support for ARINC 429 VPATH?

    The GTN-650 now supports enroute VNAV guidance, but Skyview is not seeing this through the ARINC box. Are there plans to enable this to get a vertical slope indicator and autopilot coupling? Very useful for crossing restrictions when using their along track offset feature.
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    Auto Trim Question

    My Ray Allen pitch trim servo is wired into my VPX, along with the position sensor. I've ordered a AP-PANEL and intend to use auto-trim so I'll have to pull some wire out of the VPX and connect it to the AP-PANEL. I know I have to move the servo power wires to the AP-PANEL, but I'd like to keep...
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    HDX-800 Bottom Engine Band Layout

    I upgraded to the HDX a couple of days ago and in addition to importing my user settings, I imported my sensor info...that apparently overwrote the factory definition for the bottom band layout. I could painstakingly redefine it myself, but I was hoping that someone could provide the factory...
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    VPX License for new HDX Displays?

    I sold my two D700 Classic displays and have two HDX displays on order. The question is do I have to buy another VPX license or can I use the one I bought for the classic displays?
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    Dynon iPad/Andriod App

    Dynon needs to create an app on the iPad and/or Android platform to support the following: 1.  Database uploads (I have a GTN-650 and love the database concierge). You have wifi capabilities, why not allow database updates that way? Database concierge requires the Flightstream at extra cost...
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    EMS-220 Question

    I have an older EMS-220 box and it has the flaw in it that causes the EGT/CHT readings to go off scale when I key my mic. I know I can get an warranty replacement, but its a real pain to get to and I want to explore any possible fixes without having dig it out. My question is "can the ground...
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    Com Radio Interference with EMS

    I know this has been discussed in the past, but when I key either com radio (GTN-650 or Dynon SV-COM-C25), my chts and egts and other indications go nuts. If it weren't for the fact that errors start popping up and the error voice alerts are coming on at the same time I'm trying to transmit, I...
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    Some Requests

    A few requests: 1. Is there a way to have the map cursor on the left knob as well as the right knob? If not, I am requesting this. I have my ipad mounted on the right side of my panel and it partially blocks access to the right most knob on one of my SV displays. I have to reach under the ipad...
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    Performance Snapshot

    Allow the recording of performance parameters at an instant in time by pressing a button. Each snapshot file (csv) would consist of one data line (and a header line) and include all of the fields normally included in the logs. This capability would allow the pilot to instantly record performance...
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    Transponder Fail

    I am getting a warning message that the transponder has failed. Everything has been updated to the latest release. I've restarted the system with no change. I've attached photos of the set up screens for the transponder. It is on and is drawing current, but apparently not connected to the rest...
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    SV 7" Screen Issues

    Yesterday, one of my SV screens began exhibiting the following screen problem: The discoloration is so far confined to the right side of the screen and it flickers in different area on that side. This issue, combined with my boot problem with my other display means both aren't working right...
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    Mainfold Pressure Kit

    It would really be great if Dynon would add the Weather Pack extraction tool and a length of silicone tubing to the manifold pressure sensor kit. The tool is less than $4.00 from McMaster-Carr but by the time you pay for the freight it adds up to much more. Every other kit that requires wiring...
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    Engine Compartment Temp Sensor?

    I am thinking about mounting a temperature sensor in the engine compartment and connecting it to one of my unused EMS pins. Has anyone done this and have a recommendation for an appropriate sensor?
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    CHT Probes Won't Thread

    I have a new ECI Titan engine and none of the CHT bayonet adapters supplied with my engine kit will thread into the cylinder head. You can get one thread to engage and that's it. Do I need different bayonet adapters?