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    SYS EVENT 3: SYS EVENT 5: Screen Powered Off

    While cruising in VMC dry and clear air I noticed that the airplane was not following the autopilot and was drifting right of course. I began to manually fly the airplane and determined that the autopilot servos had disengaged (I did not press disconnect nor was there any audio voice warning of...
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    Dynon and GTN-650

    I am just now getting to the point where I will be flying approaches using the GTN-650 so I wanted to reach out to see if I could get some tips/ tricks/ experience from those who have gone before... I have a dual SV-1000, Dynon AP with control head, Dynon radio, and GTN-650 and I know how to...
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    VNAV and Pseudo RNAV Approach

    I have the SV and a Garmin GTN-650 that I am just now learning how to integrate together. When using the SkyView as the nav source is there a way to add altitudes at certain waypoints and then use VNAV to fly down to that altitude? If that is not possible then I presume that I would need to...
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    What Garmin Subscription Should I get???

    I have a ForeFlight Pro subscription and dual Dynon displays and a GTN. I only intend to fly in the Western US. I am currently on the free Garmin coupon so after this update expires I will need to pay. Is anybody familiar with the Garmin subscription service and can give some suggestions for...
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    What "Slant Code" Do I Use Now?

    The last time I flew a general aviation airplane I would check with ATC as a "Slant Golf" because I had a transponder with mode A and a GPS system. Now that my airplane has a completely new avionics system I might need to call myself something different...but what? The ICAO Surveillance/ADS...
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    Any Good IFR Pilots Who Can Give Me Some Dynon, ForeFlight and GTN-650 Integration Help and Advice?

    I am chair flying a newly installed avionics system before I take it out to the real world and I wanted to get your advice on how and when to use the various features of the following systems: -Dual Skyview Displays -Dynon radio -Foreflight Pro Performance with Jeppesen charts -Garman GTN-650...