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    D180 update serial port.

    Really quick one this! There are 2 x Dsub9 female connectors in a D180 wiring loom. (Not counting the EDC10A remote compass one which is the wrong gender, I think) Which one do you use for firmware update - the EFIS one on the D25 or the EMS one on the D37? Reading the manual it looks like...
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    Servo software version.

    Quick one - not looked in the history as I want to know what is shipping now. What software is loaded on SV32's SV32L's as they come from the factory? I have just bought one of each in the last month! I have a D100 + D120 + AP74 setup with fully up to date software versions and just want to...
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    D10A used without EDC-D10A

    Quick one. Using a D10A as a backup instrument, so not installing the EDC-D10A, using the internal magnetometer instead. How does one get the D10A unit to accept this and get rid of the "REMOTE COMPASS NOT DETECTED" message on the screen? Thanks. Rob
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    Wiring up OAT probe to EDC-D10A

    Hi - just thought I would pass on a 'gotcha'! I was helping out a chum wiring up a 3 wire OAT probe to his D10A via the EDC remote compass. I followed the wiring diagram in the otherwise excellent installation manual. It didn't work - it was reading 35C on a rather chilly day. Checked...
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    Windows 10 (ugh!) and the D100/120 support program

    Hi all. I have a windoze 10 slaptop, a nice shiny new Dell one, that I bought specifically for supprting my D100/D120/AP74 installation in the jolly old RV6. It was bought last July and I used it to successfully extract and reset the logs from my D100/D120. I used the same USB - 9 way DSub...
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    GPS connection to D100 / D120

    Here's a quick question that has just occurred to me. If my Garmin GPSMap 296 is connected to my D120 / D100 (DSAB'ed together) then do they all have to be configured to the same units (knots or mph) for all the wind aloft etc calculations to work properly, or are the NMEA 0183 messages always...
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    Source of DSub spares.

    Hi all. Quick question that is probably answered elsewhere but I can't find it. I need some spare pins etc for my Dynon harnesses as I have a couple of wiring changes afoot (change of GPS unit etc). I know the Dynon supplied connector are nice, high quality, machined pin, crimp stuff, but...
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    DSAB Wiring

    Embarking on a D100 + D120 + AP74 + Servos installation and wondering how critical it is that the DSAB pair is twisted? If it is necessary then how tightly twisted? A twist pitch / ratio of once per inch? More tightly? Less? Am I looking into this too deeply? Maybe, but I only want to do the...
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    EFIS-D100 installation manual: AP74 connections

    I have a question regarding the pin-outs for the AP74 specified in the EFIS D100 Installation manual. The diagram on page 6-3 shows the 'Voice Audio Output' of the AP74 being on pin 25 and connecting to the outer track of a 10K pot. On page 6-5 the main text states: Pin 25: Outer terminal of...
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    D1nn Series Log Files

    I have downloaded the logs from my EMS D-120. A lot of the data is reasonably understandable after feeding it to Excel and another data crunching stats package that I use. The manuals seem to have a data layout for streaming data, but not one for the downloadable logs, unless I have missed it...
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    D100 + AP74 withOUT servos.

    This is going to sound like a dumb question, but here goes. Can you make use of an AP74 auto pilot interface unit with a D-100 EFIS WITHOUT any servos being fitted? Would it be 'a bad thing' for the AP74 / EFIS to be set up in this manner? Reading the blurb for the AP74 indicates that it can...
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    SuperBright Screen

    I bought my EMS D120 second hand. How can I find out if it has a 400 nits (regular / original) or 800 nits (SuperBright) screen?
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    Using Garmin GPS III Pilot with D120 EMS

    I have looked around this and other forums but cannot find anything to say whether a Garmin GPS III Pilot will work with a D120 EMS. The GPS is my permanently installed backup in my panel, hence wanting to use it! It's an oldie but a goody!. I have connected the brown tx wire from the Garmin...