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    Dynon's stash of SV-ADSB-470

    What is Dynon doing with all the turned in SV-ADSB-470 units? Any chance they be resold for a low cost?
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    15.1 Documentation

    Hello. The 15.1 docs have been listed as "Updated documentation for 15.1 coming soon" for well over a month. The new features of this update are encouraging me to buy another servo and a dual receiver. But step one is reading the manual... ETA?
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    261 Transponder CA=5?

    Hello. I'm trying to figure out an issue with flight tracking my own aircraft on Flightaware's web site. Some changes on their end have caused it to no longer to be tracked. With Skyview and transponder on latest software. Transponder set to auto air/gnd. Does the transponder's DF11 or...
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    My Own Traffic

    Hi.  Today I got two traffic alerts created by myself.  I'm not sure what the status of this issue.  Is this considered to be normal for ADS-B in via TIS-B?  I was doing s-turns and other not easily predictable maneuvers (ie, not a straight path).  The Skyviews are on the latest software and...
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    FAA ADS-B Out $500 Rebate!

    I just need the 2020 GPS to meet the full 2020 mandate.  Could I apply for the rebate on the GPS?  I'm not seeing anything Dynon on the FAA web site.  Can any situation using a Dynon Skyview system qualify for the rebate? FAA Rebate info:
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    Auto Control of Glide Ring

    Just a thought, and maybe this exists (and I didn't realize). Have an option to auto toggle the glide ring based on the engine's RPM. If configured: When the engine RPM is below X (set by config), automatically turn on the glide ring on any screen with a map currently shown. I think it could...
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    Noticing some odd things - Should I be worried?

    I've got two of the 7" Skyviews. I've got some odd issues with primary screen. The secondary/co-pilot display has never exhibited any issues. 1. Sometimes when I boot the primary unit, 1/4" thick purple lines appear across half of the screen horizontally. They slowly move positions until...
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    Installed ground plane correct?

    Hello. I'm looking for feedback on the transponder's antenna ground plane. I'm not a radio/ham guy, so I'm fairly ignorant here. In the past, I've only seen circular ground planes. Attached is a photo. X configuration made with foil tape on a composite airframe. Is this considered...