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  1. GalinHdz


    Can anyone tell me what the message “ADS-B NO RADAR means? I am seeing this on a Dynon Skyview HDX, in the lower right hand corner of the map. FWIW this was asked on another forum but I thought this forum was more appropriate.
  2. GalinHdz

    Repackaging SV Panels

    Has Dynon considered offering the AutoPilot and Knob Control panels so they fit in a standard 3 1/4" round hole? Maybe even offer the Com radio control head so it can fit in the 6.25" standard avionics rack. 🤔
  3. GalinHdz

    SkyView and Trio ProPilot via ARINC

    Has anybody connected a Trio ProPilot to SkyView via the ARINC-429 module? If so, was their any configuration issues and what capabilities did it give you? 🤔
  4. GalinHdz

    ADS-B Deviation Request Tutorial

    Now that ADS-B is required in many US airspaces, the FAA has provided a method to request entry to "rule" airspace under specific situations. FAA ADAPT Tutorial Video :cool:
  5. GalinHdz

    ICAO Codes for DYNON SkyView

    With the upcoming ICAO codes being mandatory for filing a flight plan, I was wondering what the correct codes we should use. I know if we have the correct DYNON transponder connected to an approved position source the main code is E but with the SV-ADSB-472 should it be EB1 or EB2? Me thinks it...
  6. GalinHdz

    Displaying TACH time on a D120?

    When the D120 is set up for a ROTAX engine, only HOBBS time is displayed. Is there a way to also display TACH time without having to go into the SETUP section of the D120 every time I want to check it? I record TACH time for maintenance purposes. :-?
  7. GalinHdz

    SkyView Compass Calibration

    How often should the SykView Magnetic Compass be checked for accuracy? FAA AC 43-215 states: "Owners/operators should swing an aircraft (1) at periodic intervals as recommended by the manufacturer, ..." but I can't find any recommended timeframe in the SkyView documentation. :-/
  8. GalinHdz

    Panel Adapter for DYNON Radio

    How about a control head or adapter so we can install a DYNON radio in a standard 1.35" x 6.3" instrument panel cut out. Would make it easier for those of us that have a standard panel. 8-)
  9. GalinHdz

    SkyView Documentation

    How about offering printed versions of SkyView documentation for purchase. It could be done via an authorized seller for those of us that can't print a 500+ page document. Printing many copies at once reduces individual cost per copy. 8-)
  10. GalinHdz

    ILS Backcourse

    We were doing a practice ILS approach at KSGJ and both SkyView CDI's (G430W) were indicating a backcourse instead of a regular course. At the same time my 2nd ILS (VAL429, not connected to the SkyView displays) was indicating correctly. Both were displaying a correct glideslope. Is there a...
  11. GalinHdz

    VAL INS-429 Connection

    Has anybody connected a Val INS-429 unit to the SkyView using a serial port? If so, what configuration did you use on the SkyView port and the VAL INS-429 unit? I want to set the VAL INS-429 output information to be displayed on the HSI as #2. 8-)
  12. GalinHdz

    Biennial Pitot/Static check procedure

    I read there is a new Pitot/Static check procedure for SkyView that eliminates the need to power SkyView on and off as before. Where is the procedure located? I can't find it in the SkyView Install manual. :-?
  13. GalinHdz

    G430W Setup question

    I have a Garmin 430W connected to my SkyView ARINC429 input as well as my Serial port #4 and I want it to be my GPS1 source. When I go to the SERIAL PORT SETUP it gives me two options for the G430W, GPS1 - ARINC-429 1 / INPUT 1 as well as GPS2 – SERIAL PORT #4. If I select GPS1 - ARINC-429 1 /...
  14. GalinHdz

    Airport runway Information

    When you scroll the cursor to an airport on the SkyView map page, airport information pops up. It would be great to have runway directions and length also show on the pop up. If the airport has more than one runway, then show information for the longest runway with some kind of marker (asterisk)...
  15. GalinHdz

    Dynon Transponder?

    Helping a friend with his ICAO equipment list brought up a good question. Does the Trig TT22/Dynon Transponder have the enhanced surveillance capability when connected to the SkyView system and an ADS-B approved GPS position source? I know it has the extended squitter but can't find anything...
  16. GalinHdz

    GPS to ILS selection with v15.0.3

    On todays flight when I went to change from GPS to ILS navigation by pressing the CDI button on my G430W, nothing happened. I had to go to the PFD page and press the HSI button until the green LOC indication showed up. Prior to this (with v14) the SkyView GPS (Magenta) or VLOC (Green) navigation...
  17. GalinHdz

    Seattle Avionics Downloads

    Kudos to Seattle Avionics and DYNON for now having the SA charts available for downloading well before they expire. I just updated my computer with the next cycle data so I won't get caught traveling with expired data again. THANKS! 8-)
  18. GalinHdz

    D10A and a NORSEE AutoPilot?

    Now that the D10A has an STC for several certificated aircraft, what about installing the autopilot servos under the recently announced Non-Required Safety Enhancing Equipment (NORSEE) rules? The rules specifically covers "autopilots" and would be a superb safety enhancement for these aircraft...
  19. GalinHdz

    Special Use Airspace Status

    The FAA is providing the current status of Special Use Airspaces within the US at: Is this data being transmitted via ADS-B and if so does SkyView display it? Inquiring minds want to know.  :D
  20. GalinHdz

    SkyView Autopilot and G430W

    Probably a dumb question but will the SkyView Autopilot follow a flight plan displayed from a Garmin 430W GPS or does it have to be imported? :-?