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    16.0.4 with Winds aloft fix has been posted!

    Get it while it's hot.
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    GPS Power (EFIS D37 pin 29)

    Hi DYNON (and others), I have been looking for but did not find the max amperage available on pin 29. It would be extremely convenient to power my ADSB-472 as well as my GPS 2020. Total draw is stated as 300mA for both In the HDX installation manual. Since THE ADSB-472 is useless in my...
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    Voltage not being logged

    A buddy’s RV8 is logging zero in the user log for voltage. Correct bus voltage is displayed on both screens (dual Classic system). Amperage and other values are logged normally. Other “relevant” factor is that a VP/X is in use. Any ideas would be welcome! Craig
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    GPS redundancy for SV-261?

    The SV installation manual references that if you have a Dynon GPS 2020 that you do not NEED to have a direct GPS feed to pin 3 on the transponder. (My current config) It does not address the question (I believe) of redundancy. So in the unlikely case that the SkyView HDX1100 went dark but...
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    SV-425 Com Mod level

    Dynon, Looking at a pre-owned radio. It’s marked Mod AB. Is this current? If not, what’s the cost to make it current? Regards, Craig
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    Power for ADSB 472

    Dear Dynon, The installation manual states that none of the Skyview outputs provide sufficient power for the 472 but the draw is only .1 Amps and the EMS D37, pin 15 puts out 12V. Is that pin insufficient for the 472? Thanks, Craig
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    Dynon Dimmer control

    I can't find any reference to the behavior of the dimmer in relation to direction to turn for increasing brightness. Installed one per instructions in a buddies plane and clockwise DECREASED brightness. That is unusual. We had another dimmer and it worked the same way. We "solved" the...
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    Noise from dimmer switch

    Anyone using a TP PWM dimmer for Skyview brightness? I'm using a dual channel unit with one channel connected to pin 25 on the SV. The dimmer and the SV share a ground. I'm getting a background hum at a consistent frequency with the dimmer on and at any voltage. Off, it is silent. Anyone...
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    Settings export

    The installation manual states "most" settings will be exported. I am replacing my SVD700 with Evan HDX. Will there be anything of note I need to reconfigure after loading my saved settings file? Craig
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    7" HDX Status

    Hi, Any update on availability of the SV-HDX800? Still probable for this year? Regards, Craig
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    Intercom with Blutooth?

    Dear Dynon, Any hope of a Skyview compatible intercom or audio panel so equipped? Regards, Craig
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    MAP readings are high

    The attachments demonstrate the data I see on the C37_P26 pin versus the value displayed on the screen (about 6 inhg too high). Double checked the connections including ground and they look fine. The manifold input is currently unconnected so blockage is not the issue. Other things to check?
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    Any hints?!?!?!

    Dynon tends to announce new hardware/software at/near Airventure. Any hints????? :D
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    Problem with accessing multiple USB drives

    I just purchased a Sandisk Cruzer Fit 128GB drive for Seattle Avionics charts. I am able to access the charts on this drive without a problem. However, with that drive installed I cannot see anything on the 32GB Sandisk Ultra drive that I have been using for a year or more - notably I could...
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    Transponder change question

    I am planning to swap my GTX327 for the SV261. My last 411/413 was a year ago so I have a year left compliant. As I interpret 91.413 swapping out the transponder requires the 91.413. The two questions are has anyone done this w/o the full 91.411 (can it be done) and I am correct that no error...
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    Knob module

    Since there are two distinct models I assume it is not possible to convert a /H to a /V or vice versa. I have roomm for a /H now but will likely do another panel refresh in a couple of years and would then prefer a /V. Craig
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    Serial out to GPS 250?

    Hi Dynon, What is sent to the 250/2020 that requires use of the TX side of the serial port? This thwarts my plans to share that port with another device at the same speed. Regards, Craig
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    WiFi Connect supported in Foreflight Basic !

    I guess those emails did the trick!  Foreflight 7.0.1 enables Connect with Skyview in the basic subscription. :-) Craig
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    Lightspeed III Ignition Advance on Skyview

    Hi All, Has anyone with a LS configured their Skyview to display the amount of ignition advance as output on pin 3 of the LS output connector? Any tips? Craig
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    High indicated fuel pressure - UPDATED

    Hi, Since replacing my engine driven fuel pump I am seeing fuel pressure readings of 13-14 PSI - versus the 4 PSI expected.  I connected a mechanical gauge to the line and it reads 3-4 PSI. I found an older 0-80 PSI transducer which indicates 4-5 PSI so it is definitely a issue with the...