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    System can’t see USB

    Skyview classic, two D1000’s. Trying to update firmware and pocketfms maps. All files loaded in the root. It’s worked for me before. Load files is greyed out. I tried two different USB sticks. Both are Fat32. USB light is visible so it’s connected but the load command is grey. Same on both...
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    Replace COM-C25 with COM-X25

    My COM-C25 is not working. I have to replace with a new one and seems like the only option is the new COM-X25. My question is it a straight replacement? Do I have to do any wiring or programming changes? I was not the builder of the plane so excuse my lack of knowledge.
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    Wild Oscillating RPM

    at max rpm the gauge shows will oscillations. When i dial back to 2500 or so it stops. Any ideas? My plane is an RV-10
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    Carrier but no Voice SV-COM-C25

    No Audio(very low or even maybe garbled) during transmit, but good carrier. Used to work and then suddenly stopped. The COM radio is connected to a PMA-8000B audio panel. COM1 (GTN750) works great so headset and PTT is ok. Swapped antennas with COM1, no difference, so antenna is not the...
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    Fuel Pressure Issues

    When I turn on the fuel pump the fuel pressure goes crazy oscillating between random values and periodically showing red X. The system was installed 2011 so unsure if which sender is installed