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  1. Raymo

    Tosten Grip Wiring - CS8

    They can both go to a common ground. If you are using the Dynon AP button panel, it provides relay functionality. If not using it, you will need trim relays. I wired a switch into my panel to disable the grounds to all but PTT so I can disable the buttons on my co-pilot grip (Infinity). More...
  2. Raymo

    Dynon Skyview in S35

    You're going to want EGT in the engine strip so you can properly lean during climb and cruise. Once you know where the cylinders peak, maintain 150-200° ROP during climb. Once %HP is below 75%, it is safe to operate LOP, so you'll want that widget too.
  3. Raymo

    IAS to CAS

    Why not use TAS, which the system already provides. In zero wind flight, TAS will match ground speed.
  4. Raymo

    AP auto trim aileron

    Yes, sounds correct, assuming it is unbalanced now.
  5. Raymo

    AP auto trim aileron

    It is simply trimming to unload the AP servo. Could be due to a cross wind or unbalanced springs.
  6. Raymo

    Servo Arm Length

    Slight correction: The jam nut is not tight.
  7. Raymo

    CHT and EGT

    Assuming you have CHT probes wired into the EMS, add the widgets in the various EMS pages. The installation manual has more detailed instructions.
  8. Raymo

    ADSB out question

    If you have the GPS-250 puck set as your ADS-B out source, it will not pass the test. Either use your 430W (assuming proper firmware update) or replace the 250 with the GPS-2020 antenna.
  9. Raymo

    Garmin GPS 175 with SkyView

    Yes, the GPS-175 will work fine with the Dynon and is priced competitively. You'll also need the ARINC-429 protocol converter to feed the GPS data into the Dynon EFIS.
  10. Raymo

    What do I need to install SV-AP-Panel in RV-12?

    Where are you located, Tom? I'd suggest finding someone in your area to help. You'll need to redo some of the trim control wiring, including the removal of trim relays from the system.
  11. Raymo

    Engine Monitor Failure?

    Sounds like the SV is telling you the truth, that you still have a charging system problem. What voltage do you see at the battery when the engine is running at an RPM sufficient to charge? Should be 13.9 - 14.5 volts.
  12. Raymo

    Dynon Classic not booting up

    HFMan, Try swapping screens and see if the problem moves with the screen. If it does, consider contacting support for next steps.
  13. Raymo

    How to do a battery backup test?

    HFMan is correct and is how I do my test every year. There is no danger in doing so and Dynon has stated the same in the past. Would you recommend taking off with a depleted backup battery into IMC conditions? Not me. I'm not sure what part of my post scared you into that response. All...
  14. Raymo

    New FIS-B Offerings

    Another thread mentioned a target of end-of-year but no promises can be made, which is typical for software development.
  15. Raymo

    Problem with Savy Aviation uploads of Skyview user data

    Worked for me a couple weeks ago too.
  16. Raymo

    How to do a battery backup test?

    You can also attach an external, appropriate, charger to your battery while one screen is on to re-charge the backup battery. Then do the other.
  17. Raymo

    Manifold Pressure

    Mark, Can you upload your EMS data to and send me a link to the graph?
  18. Raymo

    Amp reading on Skyview HDX

    Lon, See the following link for troubleshooting steps. Different alternator MFG but the process is the same.
  19. Raymo

    Amp reading on Skyview HDX

    I think you are confusing volts and amps. Your alternator should put out around 14 volts. Amp output is dependent on the load of various devices in the aircraft. As noted in the installation manual, the Skyview system will show amps depending on where the shunt is connected in your system. See...
  20. Raymo

    VSI Indication operating too slow

    When was your last pitot/static check done? The static test should find issues that would cause a problem with your VSI. Some testers do not test the entire system from the static port, they connect their equipment somewhere in the middle of the system, which is not the best way to test.