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  1. Dynon

    IAS to CAS

    There isn't a way to do this.
  2. Dynon

    Skyview HDX and VP-X Integration Question

    VPX does work with HDX. We must have missed that in our web updates.
  3. Dynon

    nosv on SV25 radio

    That means that the radio control panel doesn't think it's seeing SkyView. If it happened right after a software update, it could be related. The other possibility is an actual physical connectivity problem with SkyView. Are you seeing it in the SkyView Network status page?
  4. Dynon

    D10A with HDX System

    The EFIS-D10A does not function as an HSI, but it does function as a complete set of backup flight instruments. If you do opt for a second SkyView HDX display, though, either display will continue to work uninterrupted in the event of a failure of the other.
  5. Dynon

    Insufficient privileges to reply.

    Also, note that the legacy forums in the "Previous Forums and Content Archive" section are read-only
  6. Dynon

    Control external audio panel

    There isn't currently, but it's on our list of potential future features.
  7. Dynon

    UL Power fuel consumption

    So I've gotten some more info from our engineering team. The UL Power ECU interface is getting there, but it isn't quite ready for prime time. Many labels are working and show up fine in our testing, but there is still more to get hooked up (including fuel flow, among them). That said, UL is...
  8. Dynon

    Skyview Touch and D10 EMS questions

    So the deal with the EMS-D10 is that it can output PWM signal in proportion to its screen setting. But you still need to dim via its buttons - it can not accept an external dimming input signal. IE, it doesn't have a way to respond to SkyView's dimmer output. That said, I think you could hook...
  9. Dynon

    Audible Airspace Warning

    There isn't currently, but there is the airspace widget that is a useful tool to help avoid incursions.
  10. Dynon

    Garmin GPS 175 with SkyView

    Yep, it'll interface well with the GPS175. As Jake says, though, check out the Avidyne systems too. We're admittedly biased. :)
  11. Dynon

    Flying a Hold or Procedure turn using GNS430

    So first, make sure that on the map, you're seeing the 430's flight plan information. This can be toggled from the flight plan menu, or, there is a deeper setup menu option to lock it to the HSI source. That's really just about displaying the holds and flight plan from the 430 on SkyView's map...
  12. Dynon

    UL Power fuel consumption

    We currently have support for some generic CAN bus interface labels, but I don't believe that that is currently compatible with the UL Power ECU. I'll check up on that though.
  13. Dynon

    Dynon Classic not booting up

    Displays should come up when external power comes on, but may not if ships power doesn't come on cleanly. We can certainly take a look at the display, of course. Another way to work around cycling power the whole airplane is to use the reset key combo, which is to press buttons 1/2/5...
  14. Dynon

    USB socket

    Yep, that'll work.
  15. Dynon

    Installing Language pack (german) didn´t work

    To be clear: The ability to restrict some settings and menus is a feature made available to OEMs only. When they use these features, they assume responsibility for and have the have the ability to send you unlock files or other files that update settings. Because this feature is often used for...
  16. Dynon

    Maule M4-220C Autopilot

    Thanks so much for the offer. We are, in fact, overwhelmed with passionate customers like you that are willing to help out by making their aircraft available. Because of the engineering involvement, time commitment, and some other reasons, right now we're mostly focusing on doing the R&D on...
  17. Dynon


    Actually, there IS a way now. With a SkyView flight plan or Direct-To active, press and hold the Direct-TO button for a few seconds. That activates a VOR-like OBS mode, that then lets you adjust the course using the CRS bug. You can basically turn anything into a VOR, and the autopilot can fly...
  18. Dynon

    Now Approved: Nearly 600 Aircraft

    Probably just slow to update. We definitely have the approval, promise!
  19. Dynon

    VSI Indication operating too slow

    Echoing the above, I'd start with the static plumbing here. For testing, you can conceivably vent the rear to cabin to test (realize that your altimeter may not be perfectly accurate in this case). You can even use your finger and press on the static port directly on the back of the unit. It...
  20. Dynon

    Installing Language pack (german) didn´t work

    It is not a publicly-documented feature.