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  1. Mark P.

    Capstan Travel?

    To connect a servo to my elevator cable, I need just under 5" of travel. Right now my servo has the standard arm on it with a max travel of 2.6". If I change to the capstan, does that allow for more travel?
  2. Mark P.

    External LEVEL vs AP panel LEVEL button?

    Pin 28 on the D37 (orange with black stripe) is for the external optional LEVEL button, which I do not have. However, the AP panel has it's own LEVEL button. I'm assuming that pin 28 does NOT have to be connected to the AP panel and that since the AP panel's LEVEL button is built in, it works...
  3. Mark P.

    D37 Pin 26 Dimmer - does it work?

    I'm using the external dimmer module and I have both HDX screen connected to it and it works great to dim the screens. In the HDX D37 harness, pin 26 is the Dim Output white wire. I have the Ray Allen trim indicator and the Garmin 175 GPS connected to the D37 Pin 26 white wire but the external...
  4. Mark P.

    Wiring trim to autopilot?

    Hi all, I see in the Dynon manual it shows the trim motor and trim switch being wired to the autopilot. What is the advantage/disadvantage to this? Do I need to include the elevator trim with the autopilot? If I don't, won't the servo just find a new neutral position to hold the plane level...
  5. Mark P.

    Servo end travel?

    Hope this hasn't been already discussed, I didn't see any info in the search function. Can the end points of travel on the servo be set digitally? For example, I need 1 inch total travel (half inch each side), but I also need to put the pushrod on the outer most hole on the servo arm which gives...
  6. Mark P.

    Transponder Antenna Location Safety?

    The best place to mount the transponder antenna in my airplane is the aircraft skin under the seat. But the installation guide indicates that "all antenna feeders shall be installed in such a way that a minimum of RF energy is radiated inside the aircraft." I don't have a PhD in electronics so...
  7. Mark P.

    AMP Meter RED X

    I have 21 hours on the Dynon system now with no issues until today. Today I noticed a red X over the AMP meter gauge. All circuit breakers/fuses/shunts/wiring all good. Can't find anything wrong.'s the weird thing that I just don't see how it could be related, but just previous to...
  8. Mark P.

    Updating databases over WiFi

    I am still in the building phase so I don't do updates often. So when I turn on my HDX I get warnings that databases are expired. Now I could be mistaken, but I swear that in the past I updated the databases over WiFi. I didn't have to download anything from my computer onto a flashdrive and...
  9. Mark P.

    Connecting the ADAHRS to the system?

    Hi all, I have my EMS module connected to one of the Network connectors on the back of the HDX. In the other connector on the back of the HDX, I have my radio plugged in. Now I have to connect the ADAHRS to the system and the only Network connector I have left is the second one on the back of...
  10. Mark P.

    removing pins from D Sub?

    I can't believe the incredibly stupid things I do. Do three of the pins in this connector look different than the rest?? I crimped on male pins instead of female pins. How in the world do I get these pins out now? They clicked nicely in place. Is there a tool made for removing these...
  11. Mark P.

    Dynon Comm Push-to-Talk?

    I rolled my plane out of the hangar yesterday and tested the radio and intercom. The intercom works great, and I can hear airplanes making traffic calls at airports 30-40 miles away. Not bad for sitting on the ground next to the hangar! But it looks like my push-to-talk might not be working. No...
  12. Mark P.

    No Voltage Indication

    My voltage indication is showing 0.0 and I'm not sure why. I'm not sure where the HDX would measure that from-I assumed just from the power wires but is there another wire I'm suppose to connect up somewhere that is used to measure voltage that perhaps I missed? Thank you in advance!
  13. Mark P.

    Com/Intercom Wiring Questions...

    Wiring the radio and intercom seems to be kicking my butt. Mostly because Dynon does not do a good job explaining things in the install manual. In the pic below, you will see a chart from the install manual. It is page 2-3 for reference. Question 1: If you look at the red box I've drawn on...
  14. Mark P.

    Headset and Mike Jack Wiring?

    I did a search but didn't find the answers I needed. I am wiring the headset and mike jacks for a Dynon radio and two place intercom. I am starting with the co-pilot phones jack using the Dynon harness with the shielded cables. As you can see in the pic below, there is a blue, red, and...
  15. Mark P.


    I'm getting started wiring the comm and intercom. It is required for the builder to build a harness and the D-sub connector and pins are included. What specific crimper do I use for the pins?
  16. Mark P.

    SV-XPNDR-262 White Wire? Ident?

    Hello all, Wiring up the transponder is relatively simple as there are only a few wires. One of the wires is white. The instructions that came with the transponder reads: "Already Connected. No Action Required". From the downloaded installation manual from the Dynon website, page 11-6...
  17. Mark P.

    RX and TX wires on the SV-ADSB-472?

    I'm confused on the Orange and Violet wires on the 472. I am connecting the 472 to serial port #4 on the HDX. Serial port #4 on the D37 connector is the Blue/Violet (RX) and the Blue/Orange (TX) But on the 472, the Orange wire is RX and the Violet wire is the TX. So does the 472 RX go to...
  18. Mark P.

    Shunt and ammeter?

    Installing an HDX with UL Power 350iS engine: Dynon includes a 60 shunt. I know where in the system to wire in the shunt, but where do the two wires coming from the shunt (to the ammeter) connect to the Dynon? I can't find any mention of this in the diagram. Also, the Aircraft Wiring Handbook...