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    fuel flow parameter red cube

    hi , i have installed fuel flow sensor red cube then fuel flow installed, pin installed as indicated now in the engine info page I can see real time consumption real time flight time. the red cube is installed before one carburator of my rotax 912 only I can not understand how to set the...
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    wind scale

    Hi, i have on my erostar ev97 in italy dynon skyview 10. i saw wind during my flights i need to know if the wind is in KNots or KM/h thanks
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    Level button in simplified mode

    Hi everybody I have a question I have dynon hdx 10 with external auto pilot knob .. but when i use autopilot mode in simplified mode the external button “level” do nothing... anche i have to use the button on the glass. How Could i abilitate the buttons? Thanks
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    fuel -- full thank but dynon only 50

    i have a eurostar ev97 with single tank. I recently installed dynon hdx 10 inches. I have filled up with fuel but the system does not detect 65 liters but only 50. am I wrong something? Thanks for your help