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    AP Servo Push Rod misalignment.

    Thank you for the excellent & prompt reply. Is it possible to obtain a copy of the Rod End spec sheet?? Thanks
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    AP Servo Push Rod misalignment.

    I am nearly finished my RV6 which has a D100, D120 & a Dynon Autopilot . This has been a very slow project, way down in new Zealand, & I installed the Dynon AP hardware approx. 6 years ago to Dynon document 101046-001 Rev D. Page 7 of said document specifies that the Aileron servo is 5.875" aft...
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    Dynon Pitot/AOA probe protection

    Folks, This may be the wrong forum for this subject, but I cant find a specific forum for the Dynon Pitot/AOA system. My question is whether users have found a suitable Pitot cover for this Pitot head, and if so where is it sourced from, & what make/model is it.  I see that AC Spruce sell a...
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    Flowmeter wiring Plugs

    Folks, I am wiring my FT-60 Red Cube flowmeter to my D120 EMS (0-320 RV6). I purchased my Dynon kit about 10 years ago & the terminals Dynon supplied have gotten mixed up with others. The only plugs that I have that mate fully with the plugs on the red cube are Vans ES421-0107 (male) &...
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    Thanks for the replies. I had the wrong probe type in the EMS setup menu, so now all seems to work as it should. Thanks Graham
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    Hi folks, Thanks for all your replies.  We have now swapped the pins and the cylinder readouts are for the correct cylinders, so all is well. However it is worth noting that the job was not as straightforward as I had hoped. For reasons that we never were able to explain the pins would not lock...
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    I should add that the original EMS sensor kit was Dynon EMSKIT-L4C, Dynon Part No 100545-001, and my unit is a D120. Thanks Graham
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    Folks, I am in the process of swapping these pins as recommended, but we found that the removed pins would not lock back into the Plug holes. So we decided to replace the plug body but to do this we need to fully & correctly identify the Plug body. Can Dynon please provide correct & complete...
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    Hi, I have been testing my D120 EMS on my RV6 after hooking up all inputs. The Carb temp is reading 46deg C with the probe dangling in free air at about 16 deg C. (Sorry America, the rest of the world used Deg C!) I have a probe with two black & white wires, so iaw the Manual one is to...
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    Hi I have connected up all 4 CHT & EGT probes of my D120 to my Lycoming 0-320 engine & found that I have got cylinders 1 & 4 EGT probes accidentally swapped. The wire labels must have gotten swapped at some stage. Is there some way that I can internally "fool" my D120 so that the EGT reading...
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    DYNON Pitot/AOA Plumbing hardware

    I am installing the Dynon heated Pitot & AOA system in my RV-6 and using the SafeAir1 1/4" OD quick disconnect plastic hoses system. I would like to know how builders using this configuration are managing the routing through the fuselage skins. i.e are they running the plastic tube as a one...
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    Ammeter wire lengths

    I am installing a D120 in my unfinished RV6 & am ready to wire the EMS once and for all. I am incorporating 1 amp fuses in the ammeter wiring as recommended by the Installation Guide and wish to know if I can add approx 36 inches of wire in each of the ammeter wires (Hi amps & low amps)...
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    Carb Temperature Probe Installation MA-4SPA Carbur

    Folks For Marvel Schebler carburetors my D120 Installation Manual states that the temperature probe is lcated on the fwd face of the MA-3 carburetor & the aft face o the MA-4 (which it says are used on 6 cyl engines).  Well my 4 cyl 0-320-D1A has the MA-4SPA & there is no hole in the aft face...
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    Skysailor Are you sure that the lightspeed output connector is the correct one?  Its just that my Lightspeed Plasma II manual shows the signal to digital tach as coming from the INPUT connector Pin 6, 10V, 0.3ms per pulse. My Plasma II manual shows the output connector as being Pin 10 as being...
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    Audion Alert

    Dynon, You havent answered my question which was; "Can the AP74 be on during engine start"? Thanks Graham
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    Audion Alert

    Dynon Thanks for the prompt reply.  I see the following problems with your proposal. 1. I have my EFIS 3A CB (as recommended by the Instn Manual) on the Main Bus as it is permitted to be on during engine start. Can the AP components also be on during engine start?  2. The two CB...
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    Audion Alert

    I am installing a D100, D120 & AP74 plus Dynon roll & pitch servos in my RV6. The D100 Manual page 3-10 recommends ONLY cpnnect the AP74 audio alert to the audio system, which is understandable. My question is will the AP74 still provide an audio alert if it's power input is switched off?  If...
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    Mounting D Sub plug

    I bulding an RV6 with a D100 & D120, & have almost completed the wiring. Being an older generation I am not familiar with D sub miniaure plug hardware, so plse excuse my antiquity. I wouldlike to mount my RS232 output  sub 9 plug into the panel.  Is that doable If so what hardware do I need...
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    Autopilot Switch

    Folk I am building an RV6 with a D100 EFIS & D120 EMS plus an AP74 & pitch & roll servos.  Power will come from a 5Amp CB on the avionics Bus. I am trying to decide whether or not I should install an AP switch seeing as the AP74 has an engage button, and I can disengage the AP from my stick...