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    Hudly wireless HUD

    Dynon - you are missing an opportunity here! GRT has stepped out ahead of you! Since the new version of the Hudly is wireless, there is a real opportunity here. :D
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    Pitot/AOA mast fittings

    The pipes are 3/16" in diameter and the manual makes reference to an adapter. Unfortunately, I cannot find any details on what they are, part numbers, or a source. Any help in locating these adapters will be greatly appreciated.  :-/
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    Trim indication - EMS220

    I have opted not to re-wire my trim wires and keep them controlled by the VPX. My quandary is how to get the trim position to show on the EMS screen. The VPX manual states that Skyview will receive the trim position through the serial data stream. How? Also, I don't like the trim indicator - I...
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    Second EFIS will not wake up

    I have a 10" (Primary display), and a 7" (secondary display). The primary powers up fine, but the secondary will not come on at all. I have verified power available to both power pins and ground is present. What next? :(
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    Installing GPS-2020

    Because of the routing of my GPS wire bundle, I need to splice the old into the new, with a very short connection to the new GPS puck. Is there any reason why I can't join the wires in DB9 connectors?
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    Intercom wiring issue - possibly

    In checking my intercom wiring, I have found that I have reversed the connections to the pilot phones. My question is this - does it make a difference? I don't think so, as all that should happen is that audio will b.e reversed - i.e. left audio in right speaker, etc. there 'should' not be any...
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    Level Switch

    I have a D1000 & a D700. Both have level switch inputs. Do I separate them (I.e. One on each stick) or gang them together?
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    Total System Current display with VPX Pro

    The VPX manual says that some EFIS systems can display total system current from the VPX on the 'AMPS' gauge in the EFIS. Can this be done with the Dynon, and, if so, how?
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    MAP Sensors

    The EFII ignition I am using utilizes the identical MAP sensors that the Skyview uses. The manufacturer of the EFII says that there is no problem with ganging the sensors together for the two ignitions. Is there an issue with ganging the MAP sensor for the Skyview with them?
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    Combining MAP Sensor connections

    I have an all-electronic ignition, and both modules require a MAP sensor input. Rather than install two separate MAP sensors, the manufacturer tells me I can gang the two together. My question is this - can I gang the EFIS MAP sensor input together with the two ignition modules, so that I only...
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    Ganging MAP sensor outputs together

    I have an all-electric ignition and each control module needs a MAP sensor input. The manufacturer of the ignition says both modules can use the same MAP sensor by connecting like wires together. My question is this - can I add the Dynon input to the set and use one sensor for all three devices?
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    Skyview USB Port

    Guys - yesterday, I was talking to one of my buddies who has asked a question I couldn't answer - he wanted to know if the SV update USB port he had brought out to the instrument panel could be used to charge an iPad. I didn't think so, but was not sure. ????
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    Antennas and servos

    How far away does a communications antenna need to be from the pitch servo? The most convenient place to install my commo antennas is either just behind or just in front of the spar. That would put one of the antennas very close to the pitch servo.
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    Intercom PTT switches

    The schematic in the install manual indicates that the line from each PTT switch is connected to each mic jack and shielded. I am using Infinity stick grips and wish to wire the PTT line to one of the grip switch outputs. Since this connection is merely a ground input (my perception, at least)...
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    O-360-A1G6D Oil Temp Sensor

    The sensor I removed has a probe that is almost 3" long. The one that came with me EMS kit is much shorter. As amplifying info, this engine is one with the single-drive, dual magneto. The oil filter and housing are considerably different from an A1A lycoming. Will the included sensor work? Or...
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    Network detection of servos

    Dumb question here - I just got my servos wired in yesterday, and when I went through the network detection routine, I only saw one entry. Is that correct, or should I see both roll and pitch servos? If I should see both, how do I determine which one isn't being detected?