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  1. John Bright

    Transponder: TNC. ADSB/Radio: BNC. Why?

    I imagine it's because the transponder is in what is referred to as the microwave frequency range of 300 MHz to 300 GHz and as Wikipedia says: TNC "has better performance than the BNC connector at microwave frequencies". BTW, these connectors were...
  2. John Bright

    G*rmin Interface

    Brian Adams knows, Pdtofly on VAF. He created this PDF: GPS 175 to Dynon SkyView Interface Also this thread on Dynon Forum
  3. John Bright

    D37 Pin 26 Dimmer - does it work?

    You don't need the Ray Allen trim indicator because Skyview shows trim position if you have the EMS module. SkyView (except the SE version) and GPS 175 have auto dimming. If auto dimming works well you don't need a separate dimmer knob. Have you tried the auto dimming feature? GPS 175 wants a...
  4. John Bright

    Wiring trim to autopilot?

    Auto-trim is a feature that reduces pilot workload because you don't have to respond to the visual prompts on Skyview telling you to trim up or down. The AC needs to be trimmed because proper trim: Reduces the amount of torque the AP servo needs to apply. Reduces electrical power to the AP...
  5. John Bright

    Where to mount the ADHRS unit

    You have a number of items close to the ADAHRS. Dynon told me the ADAHRS should be 18" from the AP servo unless a remote compass is used.
  6. John Bright

    Network Bypass Adapter Question

    I suppose L-Com is a good brand. You can google "ebay L-Com DGB9M DB9 D-Sub 9 pin Male to Male connector/Adapter Gender Changer" and it comes up with $6 for one and $9 for two.
  7. John Bright

    Where to mount the ADHRS unit

    If you google "vansaircraft op-60" you'll see the Van's mount for newer RVs where the ADAHRS is under the turtledeck in front of the first bulkhead behind the baggage bulkhead. This location appears to be rigid and keeps it away from the pitch servo and the shoulder harness cables. Keep in mind...
  8. John Bright

    Network cable pinout wiring

    To avoid confusions as to what is back, front, rear, I like photos. Hope this one tells the story... a D9F on a cable with backshell in place. I assume connector manufacturers get it right in the molds and reference that. I look at the numbers rather than trying to figure out what is back...
  9. John Bright

    Network cable pinout wiring

    I'm guessing I'm misinterpreting your words and images. You are attaching a D9Female to each end of the wires. Does each wire go to the same pin number as molded into each D9F? The image below has been edited to match my next post. Have you respected the twisted pairs described in the...
  10. John Bright

    Classic Skyview- can I add?

    From the latest Skyview System Installation Guide, rev AH: "SkyView units cannot / should not be mixed For planning your SkyView system, or upgrades, Dynon Avionics recommends planning / budgeting for installing the same “family” of SkyView displays, not to “mix” displays from different...
  11. John Bright

    Transponder Update

    "The network status does not show the transponder device either." The transponder is not on the network, it's on a serial port from the EFIS D37 connector (multiple screens, if any, connected it parallel). SETUP MENU > LOCAL DISPLAY SETUP > DISPLAY HARDWARE
  12. John Bright

    Pitot Tube Cover

    Plane Sights Universal Pitot Cover PSUPTC0707. Shown here on Dynon heated pitot.
  13. John Bright

    Power Draw for Skyview System

    In case my spreadsheet is helpful. It's based on the installation manual and it has a heading "Panel Instruments". BTW, no current draw info there but have you seen Dynon schematic 103488-000. Mr Google will find it for you if you search "103488-000". It's titled "WIRING DIAGRAM TYPICAL HDX...
  14. John Bright

    HDX Display Power Input Question

    The SkyView Display power inputs are not diode OR'd. There are two power inputs, and also two ground connections, because the D connector pins individually are not rated for the current. This is common practice across manufacturers. Ref the SkyView System Installation Guide, "to reduce current...
  15. John Bright

    3d print models

    Looks like the SV-COM-425 transceiver is legacy with the new transceiver being SV-COM-T25 which shares form factor with -T8. I put the -T8 STL into the folder linked from post 2.
  16. John Bright

    3d print models

    Hi Josh, I made the STL files you asked for. Same folder as linked in post 2.
  17. John Bright

    3d print models

    Hi Josh, I was able to create an STL in SolidWorks without getting error messages. Try the STL file I put in this folder.
  18. John Bright

    Knuckoll's Z-11 Low Voltage Warning

    Skyview EMS has provision for an optional external warning light to prompt you to check the EFIS to see what the problem is. You're gonna get an audible warning though.
  19. John Bright

    Knuckoll's Z-11 Low Voltage Warning

    Aha... you are the fellow I sent W-415 nav light fairings to.
  20. John Bright

    Knuckoll's Z-11 Low Voltage Warning

    I learned a lot over time by subscribing to the AeroElectric List. I delete most of the emails but dig into the threads I'm interested in.