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    User Data Log field decoding

    Can anyone advise me where the decoding of User Datalog fields CDI Source Port, AP Engaged, AP Roll Mode, and Transponder Status can be found? I am trying to map the number to a mode selection.
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    AP Rolls to Right When Engaged

    Had an incident yesterday when I engaged the AP GNSS/VS mode the AC immediately rolled into a right turn despite already being on course (AC over the magenta line). I was climbing through 5,000 for the altitude bug of 6,500 on a course of 184 with a BTW of 184 and xtrk error of 0.08 nm. The only...
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    V15.3.3 Power Off Issue

    I ran the annual SV Backup Battery test today, no problems running for an hour with no power input. I let the battery recharge and shut off the Avionics bus switch to kill power to the SV1000. Normal power lost messages, so I pressed Power Off and the SV1000 shut down. The SV rebooted and came...
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    SV-XPNDR-261 not seeing IFD540 serial data

    Have a SV1000 system with SV-XPNDR-261, GPS-250, ARINC-429, Avidyne IFD540 GPS NAV/COM and a Garmin GTR200 Comm. I am having a problem with the -261 seeing the RS232 IN on pin 3 from the IDF540 in either the aviation format or the ADS-B format. The GPS-250 input selection works fine and I see...