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    GPSS Steering Issue

    I think I am running the latest software, but will check to make sure. Thanks
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    GPSS Steering Issue

    I have a dual screen Skyview system with AP Panel, pitch & roll Servos, integrated with a GTN 650, Expert Mode. AutoPilot tracks a flight plan from the 650 perfectly. But when I activate an approach, the system intercepts the final course, but then switches from GPSS to GPS and tracks...
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    Fuel at destination

    I asked about this feature several years ago. Any update? My original post is below The "Fuel at Waypoint" info item is useful but I would also like to have a "Fuel at Destination". I can calculate it now with the available information, but it would be nice to have a direct readout. As...
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    Altimeter/transponder recertification procedure

    Can someone point me to the documentation showing how to accomplish the altimeter/transponder checks without cycling power to the Skyview for each data point. Thanks
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    EarthX BMS

    Thanks. I'll give it a try.
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    EarthX BMS

    I'm trying to wire my EarthX BMS to Skyview and a separate panel warning light. Can't get either to work properly. Wired to C37 Pin 11, and configured as a contact. The Sensor Debug shows 4.998v, regardless of whether the BMS red light on the battery is on or off. I ran a wire to the battery...
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    Got it. Thanks
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    Currently have an external level switch mounted on my panel, connected to SkyView D37, Pin 28. Planning to add an SV-AP-Panel and remove the external switch. Does the SkyView network provide power & control to the level button? I can't find any reference connecting the AP-Panel to D37, Pin...
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    Question on wiring the network hub

    Just want to confirm that it does not matter where components are wired into the network. All the examples show the EMS module connected directly to the SlyView display, and the two displays directly connected to each other by a network cable. But if I understand the network, the two displays...
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    Fuel tank reminder

    Mine does not reset on power down. Not sure of my settings, but it gives me a audio and message warning every 30 minutes to switch tanks. Have never had to reset it in the past year or two of flying behind the Skyview.
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    Lean Mode

    Thanks. I will try that and see what happens
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    Lean Mode

    When I select the "Lean" mode and pull the mixture, my CHT/EGT display will show when each cylinder peaks and the LOP delta from peak. Should it also show the delta from peak if I advance the mixture to ROP? It always reverts back to the actual EGTs. As I read the manual it seems as if it...
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    Fuel Range Ring

    I don't think so. Can only find track, distance, and time. If fuel is available please tell me how to get it. I was thinking primarily about making "fuel at destination" an info item to display on the EMS page, but if it's on the flight plan page that would also work. Thanks
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    Fuel Range Ring

    It would still be useful to have a "Fuel at destination" option. The fuel at waypoint is good for tracking your planned numbers, but with multiple waypoints it would be nice to see if the actual conditions are going to give you the required reserve at your final destination.
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    V13 MAP Layers Question

    After upgrading to V13, I've noticed that the system does not remember the previous MAP layers selection. I normally fly with the sectional displayed and now I have to re-select SEC on every flight. It used to remember the selection and I never had to re-select. Am I missing something, is...
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    60% Map Option

    I would like the option of setting my 10" screen to 40% PFD and 60% Map. When cruising at altitude the larger Map would be useful. Thanks
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    Fuel at Destination

    The "Fuel at Waypoint" info item is useful  but I would also like to have a "Fuel at Destination".  I can calculate it now with the available information, but it would be nice to have a direct readout.  As long as a flight plan is entered and active all the required information should be available.
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    SL30 Virtual DME

    Should Virtual DME work with the SL30 selected as the source for Bearing 1, or does it only work if it is the HSI source? I've tried it as the BRG1 source but can't get it to work.
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    VP-X Wigwag

    The VP-X manual implies that wigwag can be turned on or off from the Skyview. I can't figure out how. What am I missing?
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    Torque Settings

    Thanks to both. I understand now.