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    OANP Server Connection Settings?

    Ah thank you, with the wrong spelling I couldn't certainly find anything here. So few more questions then: Is there a specification available? Is any traffic data included in that stream? Are there any applications already out in the market that make use of this?
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    OANP Server Connection Settings?

    Just saw this new item in my SkyView settings, can someone explain what this is about? Either WiFi or Ethernet can be selected ...
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    Database Update: MAPS Pocket FMS

    I suggest reaching out to the EasyVFR folks, they usually are very supportive. You always have to update two data sets, av_data and ob_data. You have certainly read this document here:
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    Transponder not showing active

    Your transponder is connected to a serial port, what does the serial page say?
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    ADS-B question

    Why don't you ask one of your fellow pilots who have an ADS-B receiver in their airplane or a portable one to perform a test?
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    Step Change in Audio Alert, AOA and Stall Warner volume on Skyview HDX

    Here is my audio setup after upgrading to v16.3.2.
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    Step Change in Audio Alert, AOA and Stall Warner volume on Skyview HDX

    You are not the only one, after updating to v16.3.2 my AOA warning was almost killing me. I made multiple level adjustments and will provide a screenshot as soon as I get to the airport again. It is however not completely resolved.
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    TRX 1500 with Dynon HDX

    Not sure why this is not working - I can only recommend to set the TRX serial out to FLARM NMEA and select FLARM TRAFFIC as the HDX serial in device as discussed here: Baudrate to be set accordingly ...
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    Audio Level Issue after upgrading to v16.3.2

    Yes, main audio level is now at 10%, will take a screenshot for the other settings.
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    Audio Level Issue after upgrading to v16.3.2

    Thanks for that, sounds like a solution.
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    Audio Level Issue after upgrading to v16.3.2

    In fact I would be more than happy to install such a potentiometer as the audio level from the Dynon is in any event way to high for my ATR833. Is such potentiometer available as a plug-in adapter so that I don't need to open the D37 connector?
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    Audio Level Issue after upgrading to v16.3.2

    The settings did not change but the audio output was significantly louder (AOA warning during taxi close to damaging my ears) so I tried lowering the level in settings with no real effect. Do I miss something? My HDX is connected to a FUNKE ATR833 where the EXT level is set to "01" ...
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    Upgrade Skyview Touch to HDX?

    I updated my SkyView Touch to HDX and never regretted: brighter screen, engine monitoring always visible, better user interface.
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    heading creep

    Thanks, mixed it up with a single axis ALT HOLD mode.
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    heading creep

    I believe I recently saw a post about this “Level” mode, can someone repeat how to engage that mode?
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    Question about ForeFlight accuracy

    Although it may not fully explain your observation, it is worth noting that FF does not show the "true accuracy" rather than the NACp value that it receives from an external GPS source as part of the GDL90 ownship message. A NACp=10 means accuracy better than 10m, a NACp=11 means better than 3m...
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    That is not correct - as you can read in my earlier post, Dynon supports the "FLARM Traffic" protocol which also includes ADS-B traffic. There are quite a few pilots out there that have successfully connected their Stratux with their Dynon. Weather is not included included in the FLARM Traffic...
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    A Stratux would do the job but you need to be somehow experienced with DIY projects, here is what I wrote in 2020:
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    Loss of GPS during flight

    Being the GPS "maintainer" in the Stratux project, this triggers a couple of comments/questions: when talking about GPS, let's make sure that what we mean is rather GNSS which amongst GPS also includes GLONASS, GALILEO and BEIDOU (plus WAAS and EGNOS sats for local correction) which are all in...
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    Hp and % .

    Any chance that this can be implemented for Rotax 912 (normally aspirated)? All the required parameters seem to be available ...