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  1. GalinHdz

    External EMS Warning Light (pin 29)

    Either that or get an 12v LED bulb which has the appropriate resistor built in so none is needed. I used this one for my installation. But it was so bright I had to put a some white translucent tape on it to bring the intensity down to where I wanted it. YMMV
  2. GalinHdz

    Replacement Oil Pressure Sensor

    Yes, make sure your engine is well grounded to the airframe with a ground strap. The Dynon EMS must also have a good ground connection. But you need to connect the Kavlico oil sensor ground wire to one of the Dynon EMS ground pins, not to the engine or airframe. This way you avoid ground loops...
  3. GalinHdz

    Replacement Oil Pressure Sensor

    Sounds like a wiring connection issue. A wire to the sensor breaking contact with engine vibrations. Check the crimp and don't ask how I know. ;)
  4. GalinHdz

    Erratic Airspeed (IAS) on HDX

    It is sounding like your ADAHRS may have a problem. But to eliminate installation issues, run a "temp" line from the Pitot tube to the ADAHRS. If this doesn't fix the issue then the ADAHRS is the problem and you need to contact DYNON support to get it checked. I sent you my phone number so we...
  5. GalinHdz

    Erratic Airspeed (IAS) on HDX

    Have you done the "Zero" pressure calibration? Pg 5-22 of the installation manual. ZERO PRESSURE IAS/AOA CALIBRATION "This calibration routine samples Pitot, Static, and AOA pressures in a windless environment to allow SkyView to provide the best possible Indicated Airspeed (IAS) readings at...
  6. GalinHdz

    Erratic Airspeed (IAS) on HDX

    Do you have one ADAHRS or two?
  7. GalinHdz

    Erratic Airspeed (IAS) on HDX

    This is not normal. If both screens give the same erratic indication then I doubt it is with the equipment. My initial thought; there is an issue with the Pitot or Static system. Does the altimeter and/or the VSI also bounce around at the same time? If so then the culprit is with the static...
  8. GalinHdz

    Circuit breakers

    And at least one "spare" breaker since you don't know what you will need a few years from now. When I did my panel I put 2 spare "holes" and 2yrs later wound up badly needing them. I was so thankful I had those spare locations available. ;)
  9. GalinHdz

    GPU vs. Battery Charger

    Agree 100%. A real regulated power supply is best. FWIW; you are better off running on your airplane battery for updates than using most battery "chargers" or "maintainers". Most of these have poor AC ripple filtering which can damage non MilSpec avionics. You can always recharge the battery...
  10. GalinHdz

    Loss of GPS during flight

    Hence the reason I installed a D6 as the backup to my SkyView panel. It does not use GPS for anything.
  11. GalinHdz

    EGT & CHT probe failures

    This is what Spert is talking about.
  12. GalinHdz

    Heated AOA

    The 1/4" AOA line connects to the AHRS not to the display. If your AOA is already connected to the AHRS then make sure the PFD has the AOA turned ON. This is covered in the SkyView Installation Manual, Pg 3-14. FWIW, I have my AOA display turned OFF but the AOA audio alarm turned ON (SkyView...
  13. GalinHdz

    Heated AOA

    If the 2nd line (AOA line) is already at the ADAHRS, you just need to connect it to the AOA port.
  14. GalinHdz

    Heated AOA

    Do you have the DYNON heated pitot? It must be plumbed into the AOA port of the ADAHRS just like the Pitot and Static ports are. You don't need the heater wired up to have AOA indication but you MUST connect the Pitot AOA to the ADAHRS AOA port. I have had mine with AOA for 10yrs and love it.
  15. GalinHdz

    What's a CHT Thermocouple's Failure Mode

    I used these and have never had a failure with them. ;)
  16. GalinHdz

    Changing N number

    You will have to check with your nations Civil Aviation Authority (FAA equivalent). They assign your Hex code which is based on the tail number in their registration database. Many countries do not assign a Hex code to VFR aircraft unless specifically requested. I just went through this with an...
  17. GalinHdz

    it's about time: correcting Hobbs on repaired SkyView

    More than likely the factory updated the screen software to version 16.3.2 during the repair so you have to update the network configuration. If you have 2 screens then both screens must have the same software version installed before updating the network configuration. Neither are hard to so...
  18. GalinHdz

    First flight - a few squaks

    ^^^^ THIS ^^^^ But fly for at least 1/2hr in airspace you know has ADS-B coverage before requesting the report. If you don't fly in that airspace long enough you might get a failure report when everything is actually working fine.
  19. GalinHdz

    GPS antenna for DYnon and Garmin 175

    What does the STC for your airplane say, if anything, about the installation?
  20. GalinHdz

    Changing N number

    Yes, as long as the new tail number is on your airplane and you have the temporary registration paperwork with you. When you get the permanent registration, then you have to update your Airworthiness Certificate and your Operations Limitations to reflect the new tail number. Not a difficult...