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  1. jdubner

    Using an iPad as a repeater screen for the HDX?

    A long time ago, my partner (hello, Peter!) and I produced an Android app, SkyView Assist, that could have provided what the OP requested. My intent was to unload the engine monitor from the SkyView screen and increase the utility of the map and PFD. My partner was ready to implement flight...
  2. jdubner

    Dynon to Garmin Audio panel

    Garmin's terminology for signal ground is "LO" so connect the Mic/PTT ground to COM 1 AUDIO LO or COM 2 AUDIO LO in your red-circled area. Either can be used; they're connected internally and you can verify that with a continuity check using an ohmmeter.
  3. jdubner

    Unmutable alarms and EGT curiosities

    This. Either a softkey as GlennB suggests or an additional alarm type to complement the SELF-CLEAR and LATCHING types (page 7-79 of the Skyview Installation Manual). And like GlennB I enter the Setup Menu and disable that particular alarm. But that's a lot of button pressing and head down...
  4. jdubner

    I need help understanding/troubleshooting fuel level sensor.

    A 5V indication would imply no sender is connected. Remember, the sender is two connections: signal and ground. Using the standard Van's fuel tank senders? They're notorious for making a poor connection to airframe ground through the tank sealant or whatever you used to install them. II used...
  5. jdubner

    Amp Meter Works Backward

    Assuming you have the shunt and not the Hall-effect device . . . An excerpt from the .SFG file: sensor={ id=AMMETER SHUNT (100412-000) NEG POLARITY function=AMPS pins=C37_P24/25 I would try changing NEG to POS POLARITY. But I wouldn't be surprised if Dynon provides a UI feature...
  6. jdubner

    TRAFFIC .. TRAFFIC.. TRAFFIC.. Please shut up!

    This. Aircraft taxiing on the parallel give them also. And I get them from aircraft on final as I taxi on the parallel to my hangar. It's not a "ghost image".
  7. jdubner

    SkyView Backup Battery Bypass

    > this solution is elegant (if I say so myself). Dynon has an elegant solution too. From page 3-26 of the SkyView HDX Pilot’s User Guide –Revision E: push switches 1+2+5 simultaneously. "Reboots display; equivalent to powering off and on again."
  8. jdubner

    Custom sensor config for Westach 399S9 (and other 399-series) temp senders

    Raymond, For starters, measuring current with a Hall effect sensor comes to mind, especially after this recent thread. And displaying ignition advance in degrees from a voltage in the analog domain would be useful. But mostly, I simply admire a good hack. :-)
  9. jdubner

    One CHT reads high

    It's the Electronics International OL-2 Overlap Connector/Splice sold by Aircraft Spruce. Discard the automotive-type spade connectors supplied by Dynon for connecting the wiring harness to the individual EGT and CHT thermocouples. At $1.28 each, they seem pretty pricey for a half-inch of...
  10. jdubner

    Custom sensor config for Westach 399S9 (and other 399-series) temp senders

    Nice job digging out the info and curve-fitting, Raymond! Dynon should include it in the Wiki as a working example. Your "how to" makes me want to hook up some miscellaneous, random analog sensors to my SkyView EMS to display things I haven't thought about until now. Hmmmm . . .
  11. jdubner

    Elevator Trim Indicator

    Richard, FWIW I'm with you -- trim up and the indicator moves upward. But if your friend wants the opposite, I don't see any reason why he can't simply reverse the trim position potentiometer's +5V and ground wires (WHT-ORG and WHT-BLU in the case of my Ray Allen trim servo). That will have no...
  12. jdubner

    EGT Records As C Instead Of F

    Agreed. Thanks for posting this tip, Trevor.
  13. jdubner

    Is this Traffic Advisory genuine?

    I'd like to hear what Dynon has to say rather than having customers speak for it. Just because it's an ATC artifact doesn't let Dynon off the hook. The FAA doesn't control my SkyView. When a 24-mile vector is displayed on my screen, it's a Dynon defect plain and simple. There's a concept...
  14. jdubner

    Is this Traffic Advisory genuine?

    That's your best answer? My question is serious. I would like to know why the SV-ADSB-472's Traffic Advisory feature is broken (and what can be done about it). Perhaps you would be kind enough to put this on your list of SkyView defects.
  15. jdubner

    Is this Traffic Advisory genuine?

    Hmmmm, that makes sense (sort of). Thanks for your reply. I hadn't considered groundstation involvement as my SV-ADSB-472 is a dual-band receiver and theoretically has no need for ground station retransmission EXCEPT for radar-only aircraft. This implies the F-15's weren't using ADS-B. BTW...
  16. jdubner

    Is this Traffic Advisory genuine?

    The aircraft causing a Traffic Advisory is 400 feet above me at my 5 O'clock position and 5 miles. The orange vector arrow indicates he'll move about 24 NM in one minute so he'll close the 5 NM gap in about 15 seconds. Is this to be believed? Or is my SV-ADSB-472 confused?
  17. jdubner

    VAL NAV 2000 + Dynon Skyview

    Yes. Pretty straightforward and nicely emulates the Garmin SL-30 (with one exception: no automatic Morse ID). It fits in a standard-width avionics rack and connects to power, a SkyView serial port, the audio panel, and an antenna. Of course, the serial port has to be configured correctly in...
  18. jdubner

    SkyView simultaneous multiple serial port failures

    Dynon is closed for the holiday weekend so I thought I'd throw this out for help from the illuminati. This is what my SkyView presented two hours into a 3-hour flight a few days ago: Then it happened again four times in a half hour flight a couple of days later.  Recycling power brought...
  19. jdubner

    Unreadable restricted area altitudes

    Question for Dynon support: What's with the altitude indication for the orange rectangle (restricted area) near the center of the map display?  It should read surface to FL180 but that's hard to discern from what it shows. The altitudes were readable at different zoom levels (or disappeared...
  20. jdubner

    SkyView software 15.2.0 PIREP?

    Back from my trip; no issues noted.  I'm particularly pleased to experience "Improved: Exporting user data logs no longer exports firmware update history logs ..." which I had been dealing with for quite a while. Thanks, Dynon.