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    Taxi plate won't show actual location aircraft

    Try other airports - it could be an error on just the one plate, or it could be that your GPS is giving a false location.
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    RF noise from hydraulic system

    If the power wires leading to the LGPC are serving as an antenna for the noise, then putting this filter as close as possible to the LGPC may do the trick. Does the LGPC have a metallic case to serve as a Faraday cage for internal noise? If not, the aluminum foil idea has some merit.
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    Fuel flow greater than limit

    Likely, that is correct. When the FT-60 itself fails, normally what you get is zero flow indication at all.
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    Skyview for GPS/RNav?

    The SkyView is not a certified navigation receiver - so no. It may be even more precise than the legally certified device, but it's not certified, so no.
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    Fuel flow greater than limit

    It could be either sensor or circuit. If you have any bubbles in the fuel (air bubbles, or fuel vapor bubbles) the FT-60 will see each of those bubbles as an extra "pulse" that will artificially increase your fuel flow. The fuel is not flowing faster - but the sensor believes it is. On the...
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    Seattle Avionics .....normal monthly frustration....

    Perhaps the Parallel is getting to you. I have been one of the most vocal critics of the SA app and I still don't like it much - but I will give them credit for the recent software overhaul. It did make most of my heartburn go away and my last few updates have been a non-issue.
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    Auto Pilot Flies Left Wing Low

    Your ball is centered with the autopilot on and left wing low? If you need a little rudder trim, and don't have the ball centered with your feet off the rudders, then the AP will drop one wing to counter the rudder.
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    Mounting ADAHRS

    There are plastic backshells also, and brass hardware is preferred.
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    HDX ADAHRS, Transponder and EMS failure

    This is likely a wiring problem on the cables coming into the HDX. Check for a bent or loose pin, or a wire loose in a crimped pin, or a loose connector.
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    Dynon Coms/Navigator

    Yep, what Rhino said. The answer is "Maybe", but nobody outside of Dynon knows for sure and nobody is going to say publicly until it's ready to ship.
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    What is that standby AH you have on the top right?
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    First Flight with the Dynon HDX Dynon ADSB and Dynon Transponder

    Reception of traffic coming in is from the ADSB-472 receiver unit. ATC seeing your aircraft (primary versus secondary) is in your transponder.
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    Shunt breakage

    Hah! So I was mouthing off about how I've got so much time on my shunt without breakage, and wondering what you guys were doing to them... then I started my annual inspection this week (RV9A), and guess what I found? Yup, I just ordered a shunt... 7 years and 1250 hours, but it finally gave up.
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    partial failure - pitot heat

    I never really considered it before, but there might be a way to set an alert on low OAT (say dropping below 40F) to alert the pilot to activate Pitot Heat.
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    Autopilot and coupled LPV approach

    Hey now, that's interesting - I hadn't noticed that before, I'll have to go fly some approaches to verify. Dynon - care to comment? Is auto-trim disabled upon VNAV capture?
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    partial failure - pitot heat

    I'm not sure what you're asking for here - there was no failure involved for the equipment - only for the pilot. You should have pitot heat turned on anytime you are in IMC with temps below 40F or 5C. If you are asking about a "partial panel" procedure to follow after you have already lost the...
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    WTB: HS34

    Don't give up - a compatriot of mine bought an airplane today and is planning a panel upgrade at some point soon - it has an HS34 that will be coming out, I'll post it here when it's available.
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    Shunt breakage

    Wow, I've got a pair of them in my airplane with more than 1200 hours and not a single crack - what are you guys doing to them?
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    Static test

    What device is the "chosen one" for applying a vacuum to the static system for testing?
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    MDA Bug selection

    Same behavior - you do have to select the minimums bug each time you want it active after a shutdown.