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  1. Rhino

    Audio warnings

    If you have everything turned on in SETUP MENU > SYSTEM SETUP > AUDIO SETUP, and also don't get the “Dynon Avionics SkyView” audio when the system powers up, you probably have a bad display or a wiring issue. Is this a new install?
  2. Rhino

    Using an iPad as a repeater screen for the HDX?

    Could we take this discussion into that other thread, please? It gets confusing when you put different topics into one thread that is titled for one topic only, especially for newbies and guests. :)
  3. Rhino

    Using an iPad as a repeater screen for the HDX?
  4. Rhino

    Chart upgrade

    Having to use Seattle Avionics for chart updates is probably the single most hated aspect of using Dynon avionics, so you're certainly not alone. Some users report better success with the latest software versions, and some do not, so it appears to be fairly hit or miss. I guess some success is...
  5. Rhino

    Welcome to the forum.

    Welcome to the forum.
  6. Rhino

    Using an iPad as a repeater screen for the HDX?

    I personally would do something like what vlittle posted, which if memory serves, is an arduino based solution. But I have a technical background that not everyone shares, so that wouldn't be a solution for everyone. Alternatively, I'd consider something like a Uavionix AV-20, or an MGL Blaze...
  7. Rhino

    Using an iPad as a repeater screen for the HDX?

    No headway has been made on an app, because Dynon isn't working on an app. Or at least, they haven't indicated they are, and I seriously doubt they are. Airspeed data can indeed be exported via wifi, as vlittle noted, but using it elsewhere is dependent on the device or app receiving the data...
  8. Rhino

    oil pressure sensor signal loss

    Pretty sure he meant mdragon.
  9. Rhino

    Replacement Oil Pressure Sensor

    1) I will in no way guarantee it's a bad connection, but bad connections are often temperature dependent. The metal expands and contracts with temperature, and a bad connection might only be prevalent within a certain temperature range, such as what you might see four to five minutes after...
  10. Rhino

    Be aware

    There has been a relatively huge number of guests today, and almost every one seems to be going through all the member profiles. It seems someone is trying to learn everything they can about the members here. I'd suspect some sort of data mining, but it's usually bots that do that. I'm not...
  11. Rhino

    Compass Calibration on change of hemisphere

    Shouldn't be. The Skyview uses a GPS fix to determine declination and variation, which is what changes with location, and then it automatically adjusts based on that. The compass calibration isn't designed for adjusting to changes in location. It's used to compensate and adjust for any magnetic...
  12. Rhino

    New gremlin and I'm stumped! No trim??

    You gotta admit, it's really special to be able to do the impossible.
  13. Rhino

    Flap position indicator

    Kind of dumb of me not to see this sooner, but you don't need the specs for the Visual Instruments display. The Dynon EMS module provides 5 volts on pin 18 of the D37 connector. You can use that to supply power to the sender. The sender uses a potentiometer, but Visual Instruments has it...
  14. Rhino

    How to download dynon software

    That's at the second link I posted above.
  15. Rhino

    Flap position indicator

    By the way, some corrected links:
  16. Rhino

    Flap position indicator

    I tried getting the specs, but some of the links on their site don't work, and the installation instructions don't give the voltage specs. It would be a relatively simple matter to make the voltage what you need it to be. But, being a certified aircraft, I have no idea how that would affect the...
  17. Rhino

    How to download dynon software

    Something other than these?
  18. Rhino

    Flap position indicator

    Most early Cessnas used a rheostat sending unit, but it wasn't sealed, which made it very prone to corrosion. The wire rod it used to connect to the flap pulley was also easily bent. It's quite possible that's what you have, and why you have the problems you have. If so, using the existing...
  19. Rhino

    New gremlin and I'm stumped! No trim??

    I could tell stories, but they mainly bring back painful memories.