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    SkyView v16.4.4 (for experimental systems) is available for download

    would be cool with fuel measurement for tailwheel aircraft - so I could avoid all these error messages about fuel quantity mismatch - because the aircraft is not level in flight (when obviously on the ground). It would be nice if the fuel sensor could be calibrated for 2 different measurements.
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    FUNKE TM250 - Collision alert

    Hi, I have this unit in my aircraft, but am struggling to get it working with my Skyview - even if it's a choice in the setup under serial devices. Nothing is really coming through the serial connection. I have connected it to my Skyview Display D37M on pin 3 (Serial port 1 RX) and then one of...
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    Max and Mim autopilot airspeed

    Thanks so much for this. It was not clear in the guide - I will try to record a video of the in-flight tuning of the A/P and share it here.
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    Max and Mim autopilot airspeed

    A quick question - How do you do the in-flight tuning of the autopilot ? I have two screens so I guess I can enter the setup on one of them, but what if I only had 1 screen ?
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    Control Dynon radio from Skyview Classic Touch

    Ahh a real shame... that would have been cool. I installed the control panel a little to the right on my '7' not really thinking that this feature was not on the classic... anyway - hope that Dynon sees this... should not be a tremendous effort to do this... :)
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    Control Dynon radio from Skyview Classic Touch

    Hi, I noticed that there is a "COM radio control panel" on the HDX panel where you can "remote control" the Dynon radio such as keying in frequencies and flip/flop standby and active frequencies. Is this not possible from the Skyview Classic Touch ? I can tune in frequencies from the airport...
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    Loading Garmin aera 660 flight plan to Skyview

    Hi, I have a Garmin aera 660 connected through serial connection. but I can't seem to get the flight plan created on the Garmin to show up on the Skyview. I can see the next waypoint and distance on the HSI, but I am not getting any flight plan or route on map shown which is present in the...
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    Garmin GTX 327/328

    I have a Garmin GTX 328 where altitude encoding comes from Skyview. That works just fine. But is it possible to "remote control" the transponder from the Skyview and also see the transponder status in the top of the screen - or is this only possible with Skyview transponder ? the connection...
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    Dynon Audio panel / Intercom with 2 radios

    Hi - thanks for the input - looked for the PS Engineering PDA360EX which is out of production and not to found anywhere... Then I came across their PAR200B which is an audiopanel and external radio, incidentally the same TRIG TY-91L radio as is inside the normal Dynon 8.33 radio. I am just...
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    Dynon Audio panel / Intercom with 2 radios

    Dynon Avionics SV-INTERCOM-2S
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    Dynon Audio panel / Intercom with 2 radios

    Hi, relatively new to Dynon Skyview - just bought a RV7 with only 1 SL30 Garmin NAV/COM radio that currently doubles as intercom too. First order of business for me is to add 1 extra radio (Dynon's 8.33) and I want to keep the SL30. The aircraft has 2 Dynon Skyview units (10" touch and 7"...