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    Wrong servo's.....

    Hello, I purchased a SV42 and SV52 that were on the Dynon servo list for an Aeroprakt A22 "Foxbat". The Aeroprakt paperwork arrived and specifies a SV42 and SV32. Should I try and use the 42 and 52 I already have? (52 replacing the specified 42 and 42 replacing the specified 32, if I have the...
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    Greater accuracy on fuel flow on Rotax?

    I'd like to see greater accuracy on fuel flows (LPM) on Rotax engines. You can have x.1 lpm or x.9 lpm which is almost 1 lpm out but still only shows x lpm. Even showing in .5 increments would be better. Flow of x to x.5 would show as just x. Flow of x.5 to x.99 would show as x.5.
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    Hardware/software required for autopilot

    Thanks for the responses. Sounds good!
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    Hardware/software required for autopilot

    I have a dynon classic with just about everything, fitted in a flying aircraft . Do I simply need to buy and fit the servo's to have an operational autopilot?
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    CHT & EGT Hottest cylinder widget

    Good idea....
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    A "time" page....

    A page menu where you can name and pre-program local times (utc +/-). This allows for simple "displayed" time changes when going into/ out of, different time zones/states.
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    Fuel at destination

    To add to this a bit, I'd like to see the ability to put in a reserve amount of fuel. It would be INCLUDED in total fuel but the "time left" would become "time to reserve" and " distance left" would become "distance to reserve".
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    Transponder sqawk code menu/shortcut?

    Plenty fly vfr and squark 1200 all day, everyday....( in my country anyway) Accidental use is easy to overcome, like needing to push the actvation button 3 times to engage. What would be worse, in a high stress, single pilot emergency, is to not remember the code ( mind blank) or actually put...
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    Transponder sqawk code menu/shortcut?

    What about short cut code menu. A customisable "name" and connected code in a menu list. Even an "emergency" button that instantly transmitts the asigned code.
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    Fuel Flow Calibration shift

    Interesting. I have just done some long distance, plus 9000 ft flights and the red cube was showing higher fuel usage than actual use. Using mogas... A fairly new install, being 6 months old. Thought I had it calibrated but got confused with the latest figures. I think I'll leave any re-cal for...
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    Red fuel cube on Rotax

    I've just installed the fuel flow sensor on my Rotax. All seems to be working well. I have 2 questions. 1. It initally looks to be quite accurate but is there anyway to further fine tune fuel flow calbration if required? 2. As part of the skyview calculations, I now have "range". What is this...
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    High Fuel Pressure Spikes

    I think Rotax had a bad batch of pumps wnen the newer model came in (the one with the screws around the face) but I think the pressure was high from start. At 8 to 10 psi, you would think the pressure would overcome the carb float seat. Any indication of running too rich (low egt's) or fuel...
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    ADSB in/out Australia. CASA Discussion paper

    Dynon and it's aussie users should be aware CASA have a discussion paper out on the proposed use un-certified adsb transponders. The dynon systems are specifically named and relevant to aussie users. Dynon do not...
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    Fan cut in temps?

    Thanks for that. Just wasn't sure.... :)
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    Fan cut in temps?

    What temp do the 10" display, CPU fans cut in at? While installing 6.0 I thought I'd have a look around. CPU temp of 54C and Internal temp 49C but both fans at 0 this correct?
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    What kind of airplane are you flying?

    Aeroprakt Foxbat ("Valor" in the US I believe) Rotax 912 100Hp Factory fitted Skyview.