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  1. Raymo

    SV VFR charts

    During my BFR last week, the instructor asked if the mapping software in my system is legal for VFR flight without having something like ForeFlight (which I have on my phone) available for VFR charts. I am unable to find anything on the Dynon website that talks about this and want to assure the...
  2. Raymo

    Map view inside HSI

    Another vendor has this in their new product line and would be a great feature to add to the Skyview. Have the map inside the HSI allows a larger PFD view versus split screen PFD / Map.
  3. Raymo

    Practice IFR approach capability

    I noticed an ad from another vendor while reading the Home Built magazine that allows IFR coupled approaches in their system without an IFR navigator. It is meant for doing practice IFR approaches in VFR conditions. Is this type of functionality available with our Dynon hardware? It would help...
  4. Raymo

    Tach time shift after changing cruise RPM

    Mostly posting this for others if they decide, like I did, to increase my cruise RPM from 2350 to 2450 after flying a while. I did this while flying cross country and discovered later that the tach time on the display lost several hours (e.g. went from 150 back to 130). The biggest hassle was...
  5. Raymo

    Voice recognition/commands

    The SV system does a nice job with recorded messages to tell the pilot of changes, warnings, etc. It would be nice if I could use one of my stick buttons to trigger SV to listen to me and MAP > DIRECT TO> KLHW, for example. Lots of things that require a button pushing could be done with voice...
  6. Raymo

    Re: SkyView software 15.2.0 PIREP?

    It is a minor revision so I wouldn't expect any issues. That said, no reason to upgrade if none of the fixes or improvements are needed for your system.
  7. Raymo

    Dedicated engine monitor screen?

    I currently have dual SV1000T screens with a typical configuration of: Left screen = PFD/MAP (50/50) Right screen = EMS/PFD (50/50) I've tried using 40/40/20 with EMS in the 20 but am not comfortable with the compact views and limited space (though I might get there some day). I would really...
  8. Raymo

    Serial connectors

    This should be an easy one... Replace the connector thumb screws with something that the average person can grab with a thumb and finger. Those 1/8" screws are extremely difficult to spin due to their diameter and length. A screwdriver slot would not hurt either. One example here .
  9. Raymo

    GPS 250 with 2020 and dual SV

    I wired the two antennas together per page 8-14 wiring diagrams that show all wires for each antenna going to both screens. Today, while reading page 2-14, I noticed the following but see no mention of this in the referenced section below. Additionally, if there are both multiple displays and...
  10. Raymo

    Product registration

    I registered most of my equipment the other day but realized I had forgotten the AD-AHRS (primary/backup) and AP servos, along with a backup battery that was not installed (will not charge). Do I need to re-register all items or just the additional items?
  11. Raymo

    D10A and Century 21 Autopilot

    We have a Piper Warrior in the shop for a AI replacement but found that the replacement AI would not integrate with existing autopilot as does the current EDO model. If the D10A can feed the same information to the Century 21, we could easily convince the customer to go this route. I know this...