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    In Flight Wind speed off by 30 kts.

    The same thing happens to me. Unlike your ridiculously fast aircraft I tend to fly at 85 knots indicated but the wind indicator will often indicate a wind of 20-30 knots even when I'm only 1000 AGL and every airport's ATIS is reporting 5 knots.
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    Transponder sqawk code menu/shortcut?

    Seems like a useless idea. ATC assigns you a squawk code so you use whatever they tell you. And not only will you probably never use an emergency code, but they should not be too easy to enter, to avoid accidental entry.
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    New FAA ADS-B policy

    Honestly the deadline is in a year and the technology won't change or get any cheaper in that time so you might as well upgrade now. The GPS antenna is a really simple component to replace.
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    Music volume adjustment

    I would like the ability to adjust volume for the music inputs of the intercom. It seems like the most flexible solution would be to modify the volume knob behavior so pushing it without rotating it turns on/off the intercom (current functionality) but pushing it and rotating it while pushed in...
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    Map view inside HSI

    Oh you're describing the opposite of what I was thinking. I find the only useful parts of the PFD are the left edge, top edge, and right edge, where the altitude-related, airspeed-related, heading and wind information is. The entire center area, where the synthetic vision is, is useless to me...
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    Map view inside HSI

    Agreed, I literally never use the synthetic vision or even the PFD's compass widget so the PFD half has a lot of wasted space. Having the option of replacing the synthetic vision with the moving map would be awesome.
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    Problem performing initial backup battery test.

    Master power does not charge the back-up battery because the aircraft battery is more important than the Dynon's. You need to be running your engine with the alternator on and the RPM high enough, and then the backup battery will charge.
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    Entry of (unlisted) frequencies

    I use the old-fashioned spinner but FYI you can use the display to type in the frequency as well, just like how transponder codes are entered, if you want. But I think the spinner is actually easier. Anyway the panel where you type in the frequency seems like the logical place to add a list of...
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    CAUTION aural warning

    Maybe your indicated altitude temporarily becomes significantly different from your GPS altitude (barometer mismatch) due to a high- or low-pressure zone?
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    My v15.3.3 Issues

    He would still get TIS-A which is through the transponder.
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    Software update

    List of updates
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    Bug: waypoint alert spam when perpendicular to it

    On my flight plans my waypoints are often airports that I fly near and need to contact, but I don't literally fly to them, just beside them. When I'm closest to them, meaning my flight path is exactly perpendicular to the airport, I get 5-6 waypoint alert audio messages in as many seconds. It's...
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    ADSB 472

    I still have the 470. Does the new software improve it as well or are the fixes only applicable to the 472?
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    Let radio APT button tune it to the active airport

    I would like to be able to configure the radio's APT button so that pushing it will perform the APT->COM function on the display's active airport, if any (the one shown when you push the INFO button on the display). My primary use case is when flying with a flight plan entered in the display...
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    Remapping radio's APT button to APT->COM

    Didn't know there was a suggestions forum; I'll re-post there. But to clarify, the behavior I want would have nothing to do with flight plans; it would merely tune the radio to the active airport, if any. In other words, the airport you see when you push the INFO button.
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    Remapping radio's APT button to APT->COM

    My use case is I have a flight plan entered, and after I pass an airport (waypoint in the plan) and Dynon automatically selects the next airport/waypoint, I may want to tune the radio to that airport. Obviously it would be within 75 miles by the time I need to think about the radio, but it could...
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    Remapping radio's APT button to APT->COM

    I find the radio's APT button useless in an integrated SkyView system. (For those who don't know, pushing it once lets you browse nearest airports on the radio itself and pushing it twice lets you use the rotary knob to "type" the ICAO of a nearby airport.) I would like to be able to configure...
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    Bug: Traffic alerts issued for my own aircraft!

    Does TIS-A send aircraft registration numbers, or is there no way for the Skyview to know that the echo is of myself? It would be nice if it would ignore TIS echoes that suddenly appear right near oneself since aircraft do not teleport and everybody will just assume it's a bug and ignore it...
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    Bug: Traffic alerts issued for my own aircraft!

    I have the HDX with all Dynon components (GPS-2020, transponder, etc.) and ADS-B in and out. At least once every flight, and usually a few times, the map will issue a traffic alert for myself. It shows an aircraft on the map and approximately my location, sometimes offset a tiny bit or indicated...
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    Getting NO HI-RES TERRAIN message while in flight

    They probably don't care because in two years you will need the SV-GPS-2020 and the issue does not occur with it. They said it only occurs when using the 650 as your GPS source.