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  1. Raymo

    Auto pilot panel - helpful for a VFR airplane?

    My RV-7A is VFR only and I love having the AP Panel, especially for auto-trim and the Level button.
  2. Raymo

    Shunt Location

    My shunt is installed between the alternator and the relay and battery. I mounted it on the engine mount tube with Adel clamps. I like seeing the load on the alternator. Working well 450 hours later.
  3. Raymo

    Skyview Wish List

    This one is in the works :)
  4. Raymo

    AoA Calibration

    You will not lose any settings by forcing the network load. That option is used to force the latest firmware onto all the Dynon devices.
  5. Raymo

    ADAHRS attach hardware

    I used high quality stainless that was not magnetic and have had no issues. If using brass, you don't need to worry about finding a screwdriver that is not magnetic. Brass is not ferrous.
  6. Raymo

    Hobbs Time and Tach Time Flight Durations with v16.2.4

    What @RV6-KPTW said. Disconnect the wire from pin 6 on the P-Mag itself.
  7. Raymo

    Skyview classic and sv knob panel

    @421driver Is that the 10" or 7" screen?
  8. Raymo

    HDX Lean Assist Question

    Also keep in mind that the use of the lean function should not be used when you want to determine your GAMI spread with tools like Savvy provides.
  9. Raymo

    Want ADS-B In, Not ADS-B Out

    If you don't have OUT, you won't trigger the ground stations to send you data (including weather) for IN (UAT). However, if there is a plane with OUT in your vicinity, you will receive the broadcast meant for them. You will still get 1090 traffic directly, assuming you have a 1090 capable receiver.
  10. Raymo

    HDX Map info side bar

    Is that to say the INFO and DIRECT buttons should be selectable? If not, I have removed them and don't see the option to re-add. All is well, in that case.
  11. Raymo

    HDX Map info side bar

    I found where you can change what is on the side bar. It initially showed the INFO and DIRECT buttons with (touch only) next to them in the config page. I removed the buttons and tried to add them back but they are no longer an option to add. Yes, there is an INFO button on the bottom, which is...
  12. Raymo

    Dynon Skyview in a Cessna 150

    The SL-40 is COM only but you are correct that the standby frequency can be sent from the EFIS. The OP didn't mention which Nav/Com s/he has so I'm not sure it is compatible with the Dynon.
  13. Raymo

    Dynon Skyview in a Cessna 150

    ...and if using the GPS-2020 GPS antenna with the SV-261 transponder, you will have ADS-B out (1090). Add the ADSB-472 for ADS-B in traffic and WX (if available there).
  14. Raymo

    Skyview Bootup & Buttons 1 and 2 - Help!

    Based on your description, you should contact Dynon support directly for next steps.
  15. Raymo

    Dynon Level Button vs Disconnect

    I'm set up the same as Carl. Keep in mind that the AP Panel with Level button will only level the plane in Advanced mode. If using Simple mode, you need a separate button wired into the EFIS (which is what I think you are planning).
  16. Raymo

    Dynon Level Button vs Disconnect

    Two different buttons. The level button will activate the AP (if not already) and level the wings. The disconnect button will disconnect on momentary press and active the AP if held for 3 seconds or more. The latter button is connected to the AP servos.
  17. Raymo

    New Back Seat Display

    Very cool!
  18. Raymo

    My aircraft continually shows up as adsb traffic

    Looks like the recent change is automatic. From the 16.0.1 release notes: Improved: SkyView now filters "ghosts" traffic targets that appear in immediate proximity to the aircraft to prevent false traffic advisories. These "ghosts" usually represent your own aircraft. They are most likely to...
  19. Raymo

    My aircraft continually shows up as adsb traffic

    I believe there is a setting in the newer release to avoid this from happening.
  20. Raymo

    Back up battery check

    A call to Dynon support might have a workaround. I'd just run the test again, I think.