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  1. Dynon

    resistive fuel sending unit

    It doesn't matter. SkyView calibrates to any resistive sender. The direction doesn't matter, and the amount of resistance change doesn't either (with some limits, but you're OK)
  2. Dynon

    Map Update?

    Yes, all others are.
  3. Dynon

    Map screen resolution

    ADS-B only impacts the weather layer. If you mean terrain - I'm wondering if you don't have a high-resolution terrain database installed for some reason. But, if you're talking about the weather - note that the ADS-B weather is sent over the air in two versions. One is a coarse, or...
  4. Dynon

    White Horizontal line across EFIS-D100 Screen

    That might be an issue with the actual display. Give our support team an email or call - contact info is in our signature.
  5. Dynon

    A little different oil temp behavior - temp drops, then returns

    The oil temp sensor, when connected to the D10/D100 series, is fairly susceptible to grounding issues. Other sensors aren't, so the fact that it's the only one isn't surprising. Because its grounding path is through the engine, you want to make sure that engine ground is well-connected to the...
  6. Dynon

    EFIS-D10A Install Guide Typo?

    (if you're using our harnesses, it's match like colors to like.)
  7. Dynon

    EFIS-D10A Install Guide Typo?

    Hmmph, how about that. I'd thought we'd totally debugged that manual by now. You're right: All "A"s go together, as to all "B"s.
  8. Dynon

    AP74 LEDs permanently on

    When all of the LEDs are on, it generally means that it's not being seen by the D100. This can be due to a wiring issue or possible an issue with the AP74 itself. However, does it still work? If so, then it might be something else.
  9. Dynon

    Normal EGTs, But in Yellow Arc

    You're looking for EMS>MENU>SENSORS>EGT, and then adjust the different red/yellow/green borders.
  10. Dynon

    AML Additions?

    There's a chance - not sure why they didn't make it. I might be panel size, but not sure. There are definitely a few of you that have them. Cool airplane - I always say hi to the guy that has the super-polished one at Oshkosh.
  11. Dynon

    VNAV coupling

    No firm date, but many of the features/improvement are currently in beta-testing.
  12. Dynon

    Map Update?

    Sorry - missed this. So on the basemap - although they're dated differently, they're the same. Now why you have a newer dated version, not entirely sure. A few questions: When did you get your unit? Did it ever come back to us for repair? Have you done any software updates on it? This is more...
  13. Dynon

    SkyView software update

    It's still coming, promise. It actually hasn't been slowed down at all by the latest events. It HAS been slowed down due to some other projects, some of which you know about (certification efforts), and some you don't :) We did just grow our software team by a person - hopefully that helps you...
  14. Dynon

    GNC 355 with skyview

    1) Yes to the GTR200, no to the GNC355 2) No - the GMA switches the audio signals, the serial signals are not nominally switched at all 3) Yes, you can switch the HSI source between any connected nav/gps source, or SkyView's own navigation flight planning, with the touch of a button.
  15. Dynon

    ACM Fault

    It means that the Advanced Control Module - or ACM - is reporting an issue to SkyView. Get in touch without support team at the contact info in our signature.
  16. Dynon

    My dynon avionics shifte from 25khz to 8.33 khz since updating

  17. Dynon

    Tweaking Skyview Classic Touch?

    Can't change the splash screen, but you CAN change the EMS gauge colors. EFIS and other colors are fixed (with the exception of the IAS color bands, which of course are tuned to your aircraft airspeeds).
  18. Dynon


    It means that the Advanced Control Module, which is the behind-the-scenes "hub" of an ADVANCEDPANEL, isn't talking to SkyView. Your best bet it to get in touch with our support team. Contact info below.
  19. Dynon

    Sky view 1000 does not see radios

    You need to send the serial port to SkyView directly (audio goes to the audio panel), and configure per the manual. But provided you go through the configuration steps, one (but not both) of the radios' status can be shown in the top bar in the radio location.
  20. Dynon

    EMS dark

    It looks like the EMS is there, but the 20% page has been corrupted. Notice the widgets stacked in the center. Did you load any files to the display before you noticed this?