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    Alternator display on engine management page

    Yeah, see, that would have been really useful information to have up front that would have saved me a lot of typing. Assuming that both alternators are hooked up to the PPS correctly, and that they're hooked up to the VPX per pages 30/31 of the install manual, and if they're configured per page...
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    Alternator display on engine management page

    You don't say which alternator is on a shunt and which is on an induction coil, or which way you WANT the current reading to read, or what the ammeter is measuring. There are three possible measurements: Alternator output Bus Load Battery current in/out Personally, I like (3) as I find it the...
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    Skyview Wish List

    The UG is up to Rev. L now. Referencing a chapter and page # within that chapter would be more useful, as different PDF readers label pages differently. And I don't think that you're correct - I don't believe there's any way to overlay the plate on top of the map (which is what I believe @AndiK...
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    SA does it again.

    Because, sad as it is, it costs Dynon nothing to watch you complain about this POS, which is certainly what it is. There's no incentive for them to do it themselves. Making you (and me) happy isn't their goal - maklng $$$ is. Making us happy is an accidental side effect of making $$$. Capitalism...
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    Software updates ---Owner Op not allowed??

    You are correct, and yes - under the supervision of an A&P, you can perform any tasks that the A&P is legal to perform.
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    What is the better IFR navigator to interface with Dynon HDX?

    Everything you say is correct, but... I have an HDX and GPS175. I went with the 175 rather than the 650 because I looked at every airport I'd ever flown into with an instrument approach as well as any airport I thought I'd WANT to fly into with an instrument approach and at least as of 5 years...
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    Auto pilot tuning- slip and trim warnings.

    So does the A/P work, but just ask for trim a lot? Or does it not engage? Or if engaged (at least per the indications on the screen), does it do anything? Will it hold altitude in altitude mode, even if you perturb it? If there's no friction in the pitch system and the flight forces can be...
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    Auto pilot tuning- slip and trim warnings.

    It would be extremely useful, when asking for advice, to provide information that might allow folks to know more about your system. Like: What airplane? Which servo model? Do you have the A/P Control Panel? Are you in Simple or Expert Mode? If you're already at 100% torque and it's still...
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    Why Certified?

    Because if you have a certificated aircraft with a TC, then each year, when you bring your plane to an IA for an annual inspection, they will determine if your plane meets the TC, any STCs, any 337's, and has appropriately legal equipment in it by examining the equipment. If it does not have...
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    User Question on use of VNAV to Runway

    No. When you're in VNAV, you're following a glideslope, and the only control the A/P has is the pitch control. YOU use the throttle to control IAS. If we had autothrottle...
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    Procedure Turn Not Displaying

    Good answers here. I flew two practice approaches today with a hold and a PT. As @Pfactor says, the waypoints are all in the Dynon FP as pulled from the navigator, but the reason the PT/hold isn't shown is that a hold or PT is going from a listed waypoint to itself. In my case, it was from...
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    None of the above. Use the Skyview manuals to learn how to export user data. Export the data from however many flight you've had since the last time you erased your user data to a thumb drive in the Skyview port. Put that thumb drive into your computer, go to the Savvy website, log into your...
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    Not quite sure what you're asking here. First, I assume you mean "Savvy Aviation", right? You upload data from your EFIS TO Savvy - not download data from it. So you already HAVE the data that you uploaded, presumably on a thumb drive, in CSV format (because that's what Skyview puts out). Now...
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    File with Fuel Level Calibration Numbers?

    Sigh. I've checked the "Sensor Config" and "User Config" output files to find the table of "voltage vs. fuel quantity" numbers, for a capacitive sender but no joy. Where the heck is that information stored? I can edit the table on screen, but on screen doesn't allow for inserting an extra data...
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    Fuel tank calibration

    Well, all I can say is that the capacitance fuel level senders (from Princeton and now Red Avionics) have been calibrated and read within 0.5 gallons of the actual amount in the tank at ALL levels, in BOTH tanks. So, while TC'd aircraft might have really crappy fuel level senders (and I've never...
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    Green Arrow

    If you hit the "Direct To" button, the NAV will take you to the approach end of the runway it's pointing at, with the parameters you set in setup (altitude, distance, etc.).
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    SA Chart Data

    Sectionals. Nothing else (for VFR). Definitely not "required", although nice. If you've got FF on an iPad, you've already got sectionals, so...
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    How to create a gear warning in D-180?

    Look at the D180 (or EMS-D120, or EMS-D10) Installation guide. There are a couple of "contact" inputs that you can use to create on-screen indications. HOWEVER, you won't be able to have them sense IAS. But you CAN hook up microswitches in series so that the circuit will only "ground" the...
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    New Garmin GNC 215

    I don't know squat about the 215, but I have a dual HDX system with a GPS-175. The 175 talks to the HDX through ARINC lines to the ARINC 429 box and one serial OUT line (also to the ARINC 429 box - NOT directly to the HDX). The 175 also has one serial line to talk to my G5 and another to talk...