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    SV-XPNDR-262 Class 2 transponder

    Really? The guy is flying a Zenith 750. The necessary bases were covered. Thank you
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    SV-XPNDR-262 Class 2 transponder

    You do not need ADSB to fly in the US if you stay out of class C and Class B/shelf. Yes, I have it and wish all did.
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    Same thing they told me back in August of '23. Still having the same issue. They said "send the unit in for analysis" however, all indications are that the unit is fine.
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    Back-Up Battery Test

    My Skyview system was purchased in 2014 with the back up battery and put in service in 2016. Today I did the yearly test for the battery and again the test was successful. Final voltage 10.45. Not a bad service life going on 11 years.
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    ADSB "OK" and WX Radar/NEXRAD

    I am also having a intermittent issue with ADSB in. I have the SV-ADSB-470 installed for 6 years with no issues until recently. ADSB status will always show receiving when the ADSB NO RADAR issue arises. Targets disappear during wig out. happens at various altitudes. The issue has even occurred...
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    A/P control panel issue after 16.4.4 installation

    A A/P works as you described. Thanks for the info.
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    A/P control panel issue after 16.4.4 installation

    Thanks. Will check it out Tuesday.
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    A/P control panel issue after 16.4.4 installation

    Recently installed 16.4.4. Expert a/p mode. I routinely decouple trk/hdg with the ap panel basically leaving a/p in altitude hold while I meander around the sky viewing the scenery or allowing a passenger to steer the aircraft. After 16.4.4 the trk/hdg buttons will now not disengage either mode...
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    New AGL map info item not working

    Updated firmware and made first flight with AGL indication on screen. Worked flawlessly and I am now a happy camper. Thank you Dynon.
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    VNAV to Runway rather than Airport

    push <direct to > rnwy > set green pointer to desired runway then push <direct to> again.
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    External LEVEL vs AP panel LEVEL button?

    Affirm-the external button works in both modes. Once you use the expert mode you will unlikely return to the simplified. Simplified does not allow independent use of altitude hold or wings level.
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    External LEVEL vs AP panel LEVEL button?

    I agree. One would need to label the integrated level button INOP while in simplified mode? Seems rather non intuitive to me. This is one thing that should be change. I do have the AP panel and a external level button but only because I built my plane before Dynon released the AP and switch panels.
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    Back up battery check

    I am on the original 2014 battery and passed the annual test in July. I never use the bu battery for fiddling on the ground and have a lithium main battery so bus voltage is always high enough to keep the bu battery fully charged. Do not know if this helps extend bu battery life or not, but will...
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    Winds Aloft fix???

    Dynon will fix before I update thanks to you early adopters.
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    Skyview Autopilot In-Flight Tuning Procedures... QUESTION

    Yes if you install your own button it will engage straight and level while in simplified mode. I installed the button before I installed the a/p panel. At the time I was using the simplified mode. As one is unable to engage altitude hold in simplified mode, I made the transition to expert mode...
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    Classic Skyview- can I add?

    Yes, you can have a touch display with your D1000. Howeve,r it will need to be a D1000T, not and HDX. At times you can find a D1000T for sale from a person that is moving to HDX.
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    SV-GPS-2020 mounting under the cowling?

    Hogwash. If this installation position was unacceptable, some of us would have rejected integrity reports from the FAA. I have seen no indication of this. It is possible to some degree. However, one can test the installation and decide if it is going to work on their aircraft. "Should generally...
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    SV-GPS-2020 mounting under the cowling?

    4 1/2 years no problem and always good ADSB report from FAA
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    AGL on Skyview display?

    I also have asked for this feature. This is needed for me to stay within class G airspace clear of clouds at times. Like N144sh posted, one can select a point on the map page, (easiest with touch) to confirm AGL. However, this is a very inconvenient and archaic method to achieve goal. Al Even...
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    GPS 2020 problems?

    My 2020 and 250 antennas sit 2" apart with no issues.