Bearing Not Working From 430W vor


Feb 11, 2010
I've got a dual Skyview system in my RV6. I have a 430W and ARINC, also a Nav2000 all connected to the Skyview. After an update a couple of updates ago I can no longer get a bearing displayed on the Skyview from the 430W. I used to set bearing1 to the 430W and have it tuned to a local VOR. Then I would set bearing2 to the Nav2000 and the same VOR. This would suffice for my VOR monthly check. BUT, I can no longer get the bearing to work on the 430W. It works fine from the NAV2000? I can set the 430W to navigate to a VOR and that works, as does an ILS approach into an airport. It's just the bearing that doesn't work. I went back to the manual and checked my settings in both the Skyview and the 430 and they are correct and have not changed. What am I doing wrong?