Dynon Skyview (HDX) Training...


I love flying!
Dec 8, 2018
New pilot, new plane, new Skyview HDX... So, absorbing all I can on YouTube, etc... and there is no definitive, coordinated self-serve training available that I can find other than the outdated course and a few HDX vids here and there.  For example, there is no vid reviewing the Skyview and VHF Comm coordination...  A vid is far more effective than the manual. 
I live in Connecticut... I will cheerfully pay a "Dynon Instructor" to teach me how to use the system. 
I have 3 Dynon HDX screens, a Dynon transponder and a Dynon comm... and, I am a mere middle aged mortal without systems experience  ;D 
A tip to the nice Dynon people... PLEASE get some updated training videos !!