EGT sensor wire colours


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May 15, 2014
I have just bought 4x new EGT screw in sensors for my rotax 914. They come with wires already attached at the sensor end (sealed) and at the other end there is one black wire and one white wire. I have read other posts on here that i can cut the length of the thermo wires from the ems 220 so my question is, the wires from the ems 220 thermo colours are red and white, which colour goes to which colour on the sensor?
Also i have both new CHT sensors, how are these connected to the thermo wires i.e.. red wire to.... and white wire to?

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Dynon Staff
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Jan 14, 2013
Woodinville, WA
The "CHT" sensors on the rotax engines are actually not thermocouples. Well let's back up a step. What exact part number CHT sensors are you talking about? If you're using the Rotax 801-10-1 - not thermocouples.

Generally, thermocouple wires should match up, although there are a couple of conventions. Here is a useful chart that can help you convert Ours harnesses are wired for type J and K thermocouples, and use the white/red and yellow/red conventions, respectively.

The first question to answer is what kind of sensors are each of those. EGTs are usually type K thermocouples, and black/white isn't really a wire encoding for those, so I'm not sure what to tell you there. What are the EGT sensors? (part, thermocouple type, etc)