HDX Audio Alerts - Only Very Faint


I love flying!
Dec 8, 2015
I have been trying to understand/troubleshoot an issue with my HDX audio alerts with no success. Perhaps someone here has some suggestions -

I have both the Master Volume Control/Test and the Alert Volume set to 100%, however the alerts are coming through only very faintly in my headset - not noticeable at all if the engine is running, i.e. I can only barely hear them at boot up or after I shut down, and even then they are so faint they are easy to miss. Not effective when actually flying.

I assume that since I can hear something, no matter how faintly, that I have the proper wiring in place. Is this a correct assumption? (My setup is a quick panel from AFS - two HDX screens and an Avidyne 540). I also have the PS Engineering comm panel installed, and they are all connected through the AFS Advanced Control Module. Since I didn't do the wiring I'm actually not too sure how it's hooked up behind the panel.

Are there settings besides the Master Volume Control/Test and Alert Volume that I need to activate or adjust? I've tried an alternate headset, and the passenger side headset jacks - same result. This makes me think that there must be additional settings somewhere that I'm missing.

Thanks for any suggestions.

Lars Durban
Sep 24, 2007
Tehachapi, CA 93561
I would venture a guess that the volume control you're looking for is in your PS Engineering Audio Panel (you don't say which one you have). You'd need to know which input is being used to feed audio from the HDX to the AP, and then adjust the audio in the panel.

Just a guess.