landing info? (HUD, audio, simplified screens, et


I love flying!
Dec 16, 2018
flying a new airplane, I find the D100 EFIS to be way too busy around landings.     I wish there was a screen offering a big numeric display, just containing speed, vertical speed, and altitude, and do so in big letters. not even colorful graphic gauges. just the numbers. so that I would know with a glance how critical I am.

I also wish that the dynon had something like a car parking beep sound, where distance to ground would be the sound interval, and speed could be indicated by a tone.

alternatively, I wish I could get the key three variables (altitude, airspeed, vertical speed / angle of attack) onto a display on eye height as a HUD display.   if no hudly is available, I could even refunction an iphone or ipad for a quick glance...but I need the three data items from the dynon somehow to get to the ipad.

is there a blutooth or other solution to share Dynon (pitot) info with an ipad?