Merlin ADS-B input via WiFi


I love flying!
Apr 6, 2018
With the advent of the $250 Merlin ADS-B receiver, I would like to recommend that Dynon seriously consider fully integrating its capabilities.

Many reasons, even though it will compete with Dynon's own receiver.  Bottom line is, it is so cheap people are going to buy it for their EFB anyway and bypass buying a dedicated receiver that works for the Dynon alone.

[list bull-blackball]
[*]Backup WAAS GPS
[*]ADS-B data displays on Skyview even when you leave your EFB at home.
[*]Last-chance attitude information if your Skyview ADHARS goes belly up (should flash red or something though to indicate no indicated airspeed / baro altimeter)
[*]WiFi - no direct wiring required except for USB power source

I know it sucks to have built a product which then faces competition, but the ability to connect one of these to your Skyview system(s) as a backup to your ADHARS and GPS would be a real redundancy safety feature.