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Hi Peter,

Hope my posts have been helpful. If you need any Dynon help I am a Dynon approved supplier and integrator and probably their first user down under.

I would also encourage you to look closely at the In Flight Safety gear I sell that integrates with Dynon, not to mention AEROX oxygen.

David Brown
0416 223 194
Hi there, I'm interested in a Dynon system for my new Gyro ELA 10 Eclipse. I'm wanting to ensure the system also covers fuel flow. Can someone recommend a system to me to install?
wondering how you got the measurements to be exact at bottom center of panel? trying to build mine for the e-35, and am thinking that I will have to wait til I take the old panel out? did you? the part where it connects to center column section
Don, same problem,different plane. Been working with Jeff Fox. let him know if you have any luck. My Long EZ shows "UP" even in calm level flight then pitches up..
No. I kept the Mini X. 2016 quote from GRT - It does work with Autopilot(NMEA0183) with the caveat that it will not transfer cross track error (XTE). This requires us to send Dynon a couple different NMEA0183 messages (GPBOD or GPAPB) that we don't currently send, or Dynon to use our GPRMB and GPRMC messages that we send under Autopilot (NMEA0183)'.My email for more info RLREDMAN@BIGPOND.COM
Garmin Pilot connectivity with new Skyview
bristell flyer
I do Garmin Pilot on my android device. We are about to purchase the new Skyview with ADSB-out capability. Does the new offering have a connect to my android powered Garmin Pilot application