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Hey there, is your flight deck D180 still available? I’m interested.
I responded to your ad with some question, someone named alexss responded with “what’s your address, I’ll ship it tomorrow .” That sounds a little fishy to me.
Hi Mark P.
I have the same problem with both my Dynon Skyviews…both have stoped displaying the ammeter which has a “X” over it.
Fuses and shunt are good and I checked for loose connections…
Did you ever figure this out on your plane?
Hello, was wondering if you still had your HS-34 available? If so could you send me a few pictures (front side back)?

Thanks for your time.

It is available, I have the previous person who pinged me 1st in line. Thank you
Hi Maarten,

Heb jij je CO Guardian al aan de praat? Ik niet (en probeer het ding al jaren aan de praat te krijgen...). Ik heb pin 1, 3 en 5 van de CO Guardian aangesloten (1: +12V, 5: aarde (ground block) en 3: Dynon EMS pin 31... alles lijkt te werken, maar ik zie alleen geen ppm (rood kruis). In debug data zie ik: 14 0.0170 nan

Ik hoop dat het jou wel gelukt is (en hoe)?

Groeten, Roel
Hello Roel,
Ik ben nog steeds bezig met the algemene bedrading van mijn project, ik ben nog niet a de CO Guardian toegekomen, maar ik kom dichterbij. Zolang je nog steeds the indicatie in de debug data krijgt dat de conversie in een NAN resulteerd dan blijf je een rood kruis zien. Als je een meetwaarde ziet in de debug data dan zou je naar de conversie functie moten kijken,
Groeten Maarten
Hi. I would love to find out more about how you connected the N16 to the skyview. I have a rv-10 in Toronto and looking to make it Canadian ifr.
I connected the N16 to my AFS 5600 system not the skyview. However, it will also connect to the skyview. You need the N16 radio as well as either a Vega or Razor control head. If you have the panel room I recommend the Razor because it has a bigger display and is easier to read. The control heads have a protocol translator built in to emulate a SL-30 and it will connect to the skyview using a serial port.
Hi Peter,

Hope my posts have been helpful. If you need any Dynon help I am a Dynon approved supplier and integrator and probably their first user down under.

I would also encourage you to look closely at the In Flight Safety gear I sell that integrates with Dynon, not to mention AEROX oxygen.

David Brown
0416 223 194
Hi there, I'm interested in a Dynon system for my new Gyro ELA 10 Eclipse. I'm wanting to ensure the system also covers fuel flow. Can someone recommend a system to me to install?
wondering how you got the measurements to be exact at bottom center of panel? trying to build mine for the e-35, and am thinking that I will have to wait til I take the old panel out? did you? the part where it connects to center column section