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    FS- servo sv-32 never installed

    I have a Sv-32 still in the box never installed. Asking $600
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    EGT & CHT probe failures

    Can you share of what connectors was recommended or what you got . Thanks
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    would love to have an IPAD sim app for the HDX
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    GNS 430 wiring

    I would like to see that too.
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    Adding SV com panel to network

    you can connect however you can, as long as they are all plugged in. Think in form of water faucets. As long as you Connect the pipes the water will flow, no matter what direction.
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    FS: SV-COM-X25/H

    That’s a great deal. I wish I was in need of one.
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    HDX Audio Alerts - Only Very Faint

    It has been like this since I installed. I just upgraded my panel to the dual HDX’s I got 7 hrs of flight on it and everything is great except the Dynon voice !
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    HDX Audio Alerts - Only Very Faint

    Hello.I didn't want to hijack this thread but I am having the same issue, very faint and hard to understand. I have dual HDX, Garmin GMA240, Dynon radio and IFD 440. any thoughts where to start? thanks
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    Radio troubleshooting + squelch question

    Got it . I will replace cables first
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    Radio troubleshooting + squelch question

    is there a better antenna than other. I have an rv9 and I have two bent whip antennas pretty much under pilot and under the passenger. What would be the best brand antenna?
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    Radio troubleshooting + squelch question

    I am having issues with my 425, I can receive great but not so good on transmitting. Anyone ran into that?
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    FS dynon D10a and EMS D10

    Ems and sensors have been sold.
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    FS dynon D10a and EMS D10

    Upgrading my panel to HDX. I have for sale -D10a w/ magnotometer and temp probe -ems d10 with sensors -trutrak Gemini AP (autopilot) and 2 servos if intersted please email me I will only respond to email with the subject “ dynon forum and the item you are interested. this is to filter out...
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    WTB- Skyview items

    Hello. I am looking for few items. -SV-MAG-236 -SV-ARINC-429 -SV-ETHERNET-3CC -Wi-Fi Adapter for SkyView If anyone has any of those items please let me know. thanks
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    Does the Skyview has airport map?

    I looking to get a new system, either dynon or garmin. right now I am leaning towards dynon. One thing I don't see on the SkyView is when you land, does it switches to an airport map like garmin SafeTaxi? Thanks