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If have Efis D10A it has just started playing up it will not go over 930 in altitude reading and shows speeds of 180 knots it’s in a Jab230 any ideas thanks
Hi RB,

I have just been scammed on this Dynon forum also for a SV32 servo (i paid and nothing showed up, now that member (crankshaft) has been removed).
I am interested so please give me your best price incl shipping to Holland (time is not so critical)
Hope to hear from you soon.

Regards Andre
1. HDX1100 Audio Out (Pins 13, 31, and 30). Where do they connect to the Com 2 inputs to the GMA245? 2. SV-COM-T25 Phones and Mic connections (Pins 1, 2, 23, 15, and 9). Where do they connect to the GMA245? 3. Alert audio: continuing audio alert for a disconnected/malfunctioning EGT probe for instance. Might I route any of the alerts through the GMA245 so I can turn the audio off/down?
I reviewed Tommy's post from 2017 and I have a similar problem/request.
I am trying to connect a Dynon SV-COM-T25 radio (25-pin connector) to the Garmin GMA245 audio panel.
Also a Dynon SV-COM-PANEL (15-pin connector) to the SV-COM-T25.
And finally, the Dynon SV-HDX1100 to the GMA245 audio panel.
The SV-COM-T25 radio will be wired in as my "Com 2" radio; (IFD440 will be "Com 1").
Thanks for any help!
Hi Rhino! Yes it is pinouts I am having difficulties with. Tommy Turner is literally 3 miles away, and I have used his pinouts for most of my panel upgrade. However, he has the SV-COM-425 and has it wired for Com 1. I think the pinouts are similar, but not exactly the same. Any assistance would be appreciated!
I can work something up, but I can't 100% guarantee it is exactly right. I'll create a forum thread so others with relevant experience can suggest changes if needed.
Hi Russell, I was going through the classified adds and I noticed your comments about the scammers. I also have been hit with several attempts to rip me off for a D180, HS34 and AP74. I was wondering if you had any luck in locating a D180 or if you possibly had an extra?

Thanks for your time.