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Mar 23, 2005
SPECIAL NOTE - We are currently looking for beta testers that have different types of GPS units to test compatibility between their serial outputs and our products. If you have a GPS and are experiencing issues with our current firmware release, we would love to have you on board as a beta tester.

Dynon Avionics is committed to releasing products and firmware that are rock solid. With 5 current generation products to support and test, we are looking for a few customers who would be willing to beta test firmware for us. In return for receiving beta firmware ahead of production and website release (so that you can brag about all the upcoming features to your fellow Dynon-equipped friends), participants will be expected to actively test the firmware they receive and report back their results.

We are looking for:

1) Active, enthusiastic pilots. Participants will receive software that is in the final stages of release testing. To expedite the release process once we send beta firmware out, we are looking for people who will actually report back within a period of a couple weeks of having received it. If you receive beta firmware and do not report back your results, you will likely not be considered for future beta releases. The more you can hammer on beta firmware the better. If you're the type of person that wouldn't mind sitting in your aircraft and going through all of the menus, were looking for you! We may also ask you to hit certain scenarios or flight maneuvers and report your findings.

2) Technical proficiency. Participants should be familiar with using the Dynon Support Program for firmware updates, checklist composition, firmware version checking, etc. You should have easy access to a laptop for these firmware updates. If we find bugs as a result of your help, it is entirely possible that you will be sent additional updates for upload within a short period of time.

3) Bug tolerance. Because you will be testing beta software, there is the possibility that bugs will impact the performance of your avionics. If a bug affecting your Dynon Avionics products would jeopardize the safety of your flight, you should not request beta software. Additionally, you should be willing to troubleshoot any bugs that come up with us. Though highly unlikely, using beta firmware could cause issues that will take us time to work through with you. If you need 100% uptime, beta testing firmware is not for you.

4) Customers of all Dynon products. We are especially light on EMS-D10 beta testers at the moment. Additionally, upcoming releases will start enabling the DSAB bus. If you have multiple Dynon products you should be willing to wire up DSAB so that you can test it.

And at the moment - ESPECIALLY:

5) Customers that have GPS serial output feeding the HSI on their Dynon products that have been seeing incomplete or nonexistant HSI information on the HSI page. Units in particular that we want to test against include the Skymap/Skyforce, the Garmin/Apollo GX series, the Garmin 480, and anything else that is on the "rarer" side that has either NMEA or Aviation Format output (both of which theoretically should be compatible).

If you are interested please email "betarequest 'at' dynonavionics.com", with the words "beta firmware request" somewhere in the subject line. Please let us know:
- which Dynon products you own.
- an idea of how much actual flying and "hangar flying" (pushing buttons, pouring through the user interface) you'd be able to do over within a few weeks of receiving beta firmware. Sending of beta software will be primarily determined by our needs as we push new releases out the door, so if you do not hear from us right away, please understand that we will continue to consider your request as our testing needs dictate.
- what your GPSs and Nav Radios you have in your airplane; which are hooked up to your Dynon products, and if you are currently seeing any compatibility problems with your setup.

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