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Hi Lee,
I note that you posted back in March regarding an issue relating to configuration of your Guardian CO Monitor. Did you ever get it resolved? If so, can you provide any guidance? I'm having a very similar issue where my 353D-101 displays 165ppm when in fresh air.
Peter McBain
Australian RV-9A Builder
Would it be possible to add a forum for Vashon Ranger as it is a sister company of Dynon and uses Dynon exclusively?
How to update temp from F to C, can someone please help me, this is on the Dynon SV D700...thank you so much.
Paul, do you know if any Wi-Fi adapter will work with the Dynon skyview system or does it have to be from Dynon?
Hi Alan,

Are you still having the problem with the Wi-Fi? I'm having exactly the same problem you described and wondered if you every found a resolution. I started a conversation on the issue today.