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Don, same problem,different plane. Been working with Jeff Fox. let him know if you have any luck. My Long EZ shows "UP" even in calm level flight then pitches up..
No. I kept the Mini X. 2016 quote from GRT - It does work with Autopilot(NMEA0183) with the caveat that it will not transfer cross track error (XTE). This requires us to send Dynon a couple different NMEA0183 messages (GPBOD or GPAPB) that we don't currently send, or Dynon to use our GPRMB and GPRMC messages that we send under Autopilot (NMEA0183)'.My email for more info RLREDMAN@BIGPOND.COM
Garmin Pilot connectivity with new Skyview
bristell flyer
I do Garmin Pilot on my android device. We are about to purchase the new Skyview with ADSB-out capability. Does the new offering have a connect to my android powered Garmin Pilot application
Qu'elle met à jour, il y a pour le DYNON D2 au: 1.11.2019?
Merci de vos réponses
Qu'elle mise à jour, il y a pour le DYNON D2 au: 1.11.2019?
Merci de vos réponses
Updated all my Dynon equipment to firmware 5.6.1 for an RV-6. After reconfiguring, I recalibrated the AP74 servos, roll and pitch. Then tried to perform servo test. The test failed becuz the airspeed is not at zero. Can't find how to zero calibrate the airspeed on the D180. Any ideas? Thanks, Tom
RV-12 ELSA builder/pilot -- flying my RV-12 since 2014. EAA member since 1965. EAA TC & FA. Comm (SE & Sea) & CFII.
Hi Lee,
I note that you posted back in March regarding an issue relating to configuration of your Guardian CO Monitor. Did you ever get it resolved? If so, can you provide any guidance? I'm having a very similar issue where my 353D-101 displays 165ppm when in fresh air.
Peter McBain
Australian RV-9A Builder
Would it be possible to add a forum for Vashon Ranger as it is a sister company of Dynon and uses Dynon exclusively?
How to update temp from F to C, can someone please help me, this is on the Dynon SV D700...thank you so much.