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    Swapping a 7" HDX for a 10"

    Done it. No cable change required.
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    Upgraded feature request - glide ring

    I brought this up with DYNON during their SnF live stream and they were receptive to this as a future upgrade. Obviously that is not a commitment nor does it tell us when it might be available. But it’s better than a no response. :-)
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    16.0.4 with Winds aloft fix has been posted!

    Get it while it's hot.
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    SV Knob panel with HDX

    Count me in with airguy and Carl. I have the HDX and would not give up the Knob panel. Every extra step counts when the workload is high. Craig
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    EFIS claims VPX "not licensed"

    Hi Mark, Did you email the S/N's as well as post them here? Although Dynon monitors the forums regularly, email is more effective if time is of the essence. Good luck!
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    strange voltage in circuits

    Interesting. What value of diode did you guys use?
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    Yes it can. Page 4-14 of the current SV Classic User manual.
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    COM Panel Problem

    First thing I do when troubleshooting devices attached to the SV is to check the serial port and/or network status. In the case of the COM, take a look at the network status page and see if the COM is identified and is not listed as yellow or red. Attached network devices must be running the...
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    Transponder Update

    AFAIK not every Skyview software update requires or includes a transponder update. If the Transponder Status Line is NOT yellow, there is no update required. Page 11-29 of the installation manual spells this out. The ...Compliant, NO message is likely something else like not having a...
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    ARINC-429 menu de-acivated

    The ARINC talks to the SV via the SV network. Check the Network Status to make sure the ARINC is identified. If not, try the scan/detect devices option.
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    Getting approaches into the flight plan

    I third that recommendation. I had a similar problem with My GTN and it was a bad setting on the GPS.
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    Sending flight plans from Foreflight to HDX

    AFAIK you can only attach to one device at a time.
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    Software Update v16

    Yeah! What has Dynon done for us lately?!?! :-)
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    Fuel Calibration

    Page 7-63 of the HDX installation manual instructs the user where to start the calibration. Once started, the Skyview walks you through the process on screen.
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    Software Update v16

    16.0.1 is available!!!!