Maule M4-220C Autopilot


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Oct 30, 2019
Hello Dynon,

I'm in the process of rebuilding a Maule M4-220c. I have the right wing skins removed and would like to replace the
Century II Autopilot S.T.C. #SA415SO Ref. Maule Dwr 9067B. The roll servo is located in the right wing and is the capstan variation. Would Dynon be interested in using my wing to gain certification for your autopilot system? I'm in Grapevine Tx., just North of the DFW area. This would also apply to the M5 Maule too.


Dynon Staff
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Jan 14, 2013
Woodinville, WA
Thanks so much for the offer. We are, in fact, overwhelmed with passionate customers like you that are willing to help out by making their aircraft available. Because of the engineering involvement, time commitment, and some other reasons, right now we're mostly focusing on doing the R&D on company-owned airplanes. We're also a bit bandwidth limited - in other words - we want to do more airplanes than we currently have engineering capacity for. The good news is that our pace has been increasing as we've gotten the first few approvals accomplished. So that's not forever no, but we're not able to take you up on your offer at the moment. The Maules are definitely on our list though.