Skyview tripping breaker when hot


I love flying!
Mar 1, 2019
The scenario: Dual skyview's in an RV-8. They always start fine first flight of the day.
Fly for about an hour or so on a warm (70 degree +) day.
Shut the aircraft down (once for fuel: 10 min, once for bfast: 1hr).
Come back out and start the plane and while buckling my belts, one of the SV screens trips the VP-X breaker.
Trips again.
Take off on backup battery power since the other screen and all accessories are working fine and, with cooler air entering the cockpit the screen eventually stays on without tripping the breaker.

I will need to check, but I believe the VP-X breaker is set to 5, although it may be lower because it shows the Dynon pulling about 3.8 amps in the 30 seconds or so before it trips. When running cool, the amp draw is closer to 1.5.

My hunch is that the system cooling fan may be on it's way out, but I'm open to suggestions?