Use 0f SkyView files: analyze loss of electric pwr


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Apr 19, 2016
Boerne, TX
So, I was out flying an aircraft with a Rotax 912 UL2 (80 HP engine). Three times we lost electric power in flight. But only for a few seconds. Radio lost power, transponder lost power, and Dynon SkyView alarmed "Loss of Power" (and I had to press, "Stay On").

We suspect a loose electrical connection (imagine that!), but when I downloaded the Dynon User Data File, I couldn't see any indication of any kind of problem (of course, the SkyView stayed on because of Standby Battery, but you would think there was SOME parameter that would show up to help analyze problem... was it loss of just instrument power, or perhaps the problem was at the battery disconnect? Did the generator fail (don't think so; I didn't see the generator fail light come on... but I was distracted finding nearest airfield, etc., and may not have looked closely enough). We did get down on the ground and had the diagnostic data downloaded to a USB drive within an hour of the first event... but would there be anything on that file that might help in diagnosing what happened?


Dynon Staff
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Jan 14, 2013
Woodinville, WA
The user data logs would have fields for aircraft voltage and current as seen by the amps shunt, IF they are connected to the engine monitor.